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  1. Hey, I am facing a problem with VisiLogics stadility. Recently it start to show Out of Memor -error when in online mode. This causing big problems as I try to find a bug in my code. For the record my application is rather complex and large. Picture of the error is following. Any suggestion what should I try to avoid this?
  2. Thank you very much for your help. It is working now. It would be nice to have the support for pictures also in the themes.
  3. Sorry I forget to check that path. Here is the file. Theme_1_18_60.udds
  4. All I cloud find is this file. I do see my theme listed in the option menu for default theme but don't find a file for it and theme editor in HMI menu crashes. Is this the problem? Has my theme been deleted? Unitronics.Themes.Default.dll
  5. Yes, I have some font colors and others but mostly its on defaults. Actually now that i tried to open the theme menu it crashed also.
  6. Hey, I just faced this problem when adding new screen. No matter what I do in between Unilogic crashes every time I try to add a screen in my current project. I tried to open another significantly smaller project and with that i was able to add a screen. Has anyone else had this problem? I hope that there is no maximum number for the screen in project. Problem details says the following,Original solution path: C:\UniLogic\0004_test.ulpr:
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