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  1. You're right, we can qualify both codes as "configuration mismatch". But one is because the IO number is wrong and the other because IO types don't match.
  2. Hi, Here are the statuses. @Cara Bereck Levy, I could not find those statuses in help, but I might be mistaken. 0 = OK 1 = Not connected 2 = inconsistent number of connected IOs 3 = configuration mismatch (wrong IO types detected 4 = network error
  3. Hello, You are right, the feature is not implemented yet, but you can use the "analyse project" tool then "export to excel" on both projects. It will give you some informations on the projects differences athough you cannot compare the Ladder logic. Hope this helps Best Regards Rivka
  4. Hello @hamfam, The member "control value" is actually supposed to be read-only. When reopenning your project, and compiling with "Rebuil All", does the assignment still pass compilation? Did you create P1 and P2 at about the same time? I guess any "PID config" struct that you create from now and then gives a compilation error on such an assignment, right? I suggest you to send your project to R&D (through support), it looks that the P1 tag is somehow corrupted. (you don't really have to, if you wish, you can just create a P3 variable, use the find & replace feature to replace all P1 occurrences with P3, delete P1, then rename P3 to P1) Hope that helped you Best regards, Rivka
  5. I understand. I will pass the suggestion to R&D and they will decide whether to implement it or not. Have a good day! Rivka
  6. Hi, You have a search option available. And starting from next UniLogic version, you will be able to remember previous searches so you can navigate between different searches. Is that answering your needs?
  7. Hi, I approve what DanT advised: use the regular "store" option of the switch case in order to store a fault code into a tag, then link tat tag to a HMI "list of texts" element in order to link each value to the text you want to be displayed. Rivka
  8. No, as of now, motion is controlled through Ladder PLCOpen compliant function blocks only.
  9. Well, I confirm it does not work with UniLogic and it is probably not going to happen. One thing you can do is: under tools, you choose "analyse project", then "export to excel" and you'll have a good overview of the 2 projects. Ausman suggestion about print to PDF might be more relevant as what we mostly need is usually to look at ladder logic. Note: if you use a subversion software to manage your project versions, and you pay attention to commit each version with detailled comments, you'll also have a good overview of the project history Have a good day! Rivka
  10. Hi, try at C:\ProgramData\Unitronics\UniLogic\Data\UniPics
  11. Hi, Please take a look at UniLogic help. Attached a print screen of relevant section. Hope this helps
  12. Hello, Your request had been implemented, it will be available for next UniLogic version
  13. Hi @Hannari, A long time passed since then, but I just wanted to inform that we do have such a tool now. Check the EDS tool in CANOpen and you'll find there nice features, including automatic PDO structs creation and automatic PDO mapping. Hope that helps, even years later!
  14. Hi @Pierro This can be done so easily from ladder that it is probably not worth charging HMI element properties with that.
  15. Hi @Swervomotor A long time passed since then and you may have noticed that both requests had been implemented. The import/export structs is not done through library, but you export to a file, then you can choose to place it wherever you want and use it again Hope this helps
  16. Hi @Greg Smith A long time passed since you wrote that, but for whoever reads that today, we do have such a thing now. When UniLogic is Online, right clicking on the main function suggest to "monitor" that function. Then, you can monitor again an inner function, and then a more inner function and so on.
  17. Finally, that should not be as complicated as that: the indirect combo box file format is pretty simple (one option item on each line) So using the "copy column to array in DTI" ladder function, then the "tag to buffer" function, then "append buffer to SD file" should make the trick. (or some other combination that will work) Update us how it goes!
  18. Hi, Combo box has indirect option that you can use to import your combo box options from a file located in SD or disk on key. Now, using the data table and converting it programmatically to the file format needed for indirect combobox is another story. If you have fix sets of data, you can prepare a few files and switch between them by modifying the tag containing path to the indirect combo box file. Hope that helps
  19. Please note that T42 UniStream models now support 1ms interrupts
  20. Hi, I guess you figured it out yourself, yes it is the corresponding help topic. I requested the help title to be changed. Have a good day!
  21. Hello, The observed delay is due to the fact that DTI file is now digitally signed. Starting from next UniLogic version (1.31), the "Store DTI to file" will include a new input controlling whether or not the file should be signed, which will give you a way to suppress that delay. Have a good day!
  22. Hello, Thanks for posting! Starting from last version 1.24.56, the maximal length of the MQTT password had been extended to 255 characters. Is that enough for your Azure broker? You're right, but it is right now in process and this new feature will be available in next UniLogic version (very soon) Hope it will help! Rivka
  23. Hello, As you can see in the "Note" section of the SD Management chart, the "Maximal number of files in SD" is expressed per Data Sampler folder. Hope this information helps.
  24. Hello, Starting from UniLogic 1.19.80, you have the option to set a new global action named "Take Screenshot" that can be triggered through Ladder. (it is linked to a bit tag that you can control from ladder). Hope this helps!
  25. Starting from next version, you will be able to get a contextual help in most of the Ladder Elements the same way you can get it for HMI elements. (A blue question mark will appear next to each ladder element name in the Ladder tool box when you hover it)
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