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  1. Not sure if there is a salvage of this VLP file, but I have a V570 that has "mysteriously" broke the screen.. The plc still functions BUT when I try to upload the program I get the "File is not burned" error. Is there anyway around this? (The person with the file is no longer with the company.)
  2. Here's the details: Just started it yesterday after a restart. Windows 7 Pro 64 bit No other versions installed Not trying to open a project at all, just wanting to look Rebooted several times I am the Administrator Don't really want to uninstall Thanks! John
  3. When I try to open my Visilogic I'm getting the following issue: Help?
  4. UPDATE I was able to verify that Joe is right. I can read all of the MI's in the Modscan32 as he laid out. I have all the stuff working somewhat. The only issue I have is the Hour Meter. My SCADA system is old enough that I can't read the 28000 registers. So I want to convert the ML18 into a MI for ease of use. And yes, I understand the reasoning use of the ML gives me a lot larger numbers (Seconds), but for what I need the MI at 32767 is plenty. I humbly ask if there is a way to do this gracefully?
  5. Going to have some time tmrw and hope to get to goof with it some. I'll report back on what I think I understand. THanks to all for the help! John
  6. OK it work!!! Thanks all!!! The only issue I have is according to the Operand help file I can only go to ML511, and to get to 30030, I will need to go to 1358. I tried to take the running hours, ML78 to ML1358. I don't think I'm getting this operational yet. So I think it would be ML78; STORE; ML1358 ? Or am I reading the Excel sheet incorrectly? But I have some ML's that I will need to STORE as either a ML or MI. Is there an easy way to do this in Visalogic? I have a ML I am needing to store as a ML and I can emter the ML read but the store side will only let me enter 3 digits
  7. I have a lot of the DSPLE's running in my place of business. So please define what your wanting to display? Tags from the DSPLE or the tags your sending it?? The forum has been very helpful getting me going with my first Unitronics project
  8. OK, attached is the couple of lines using the STORE, copying MI3 to MI29. Will get the modscan going tmrw and report back Layout.vlp
  9. Ok, here's the dirt: I have a Cygnet Scada interface that is using say, 30030 as Discharge Temp. In my new device, using the Unilogic V570, I need to make my MI3 into the 30030 register But: MI3 12291 36867 20483 24579 28675 40963 MI3 doesn't land in the 30030, so I need to get it there. Somehow. I'm first time Unitronics new, but the forum has been very helpful! I should get the needed additional Ethernet card tmrw and plan to try t
  10. In the competing brand of PLC, we take two 16 bit words and do a copy command to join the 16 bit to make a 32 bit word. The method is clunky at best, but functional.
  11. Thanks! I'll hope to give it a try this afternoon. I would ask if I could copy the 30000 register into the 40000 register? Like you can with a two 16 bit words into one 32 bit? Just thinking... Hope everyone has a great weekend!
  12. Ok, I have a register "MI3" and I need it to end up on my SCADA Modbus reads table as Register 30030. It's for a Discharge Temperature. Easy??
  13. OK, thanks! I have about 60 registers I need to remap to a specific Modbus registers as the SCADA system is bordering on antique. (Like me) I'll do my best to get them all cross referenced and posted here.
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