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  1. I really do prefer a manual hierarchy, or the ability to run ctrl+F to find each instance of the phrase I am looking for. The index and search functions of Visilogic F1 help, have not proven useful to me. The videos on Youtube are not as effective as an indexed source document.
  2. We are converting, because I believe the Visilogic PLC's do not communicate via Ethernet/IP. Even if you have the Ethernet port expansion, you can still only communicate via modbus TCP. We want a native Ethernet/IP for ease of external data manipulation.
  3. This post was made in September 2015. Unilogic is now in version 1.18, and in a year and a half Unitronics has failed to produce an effective manual detailing the toolbox elements of the Unilogic PLC suite. I am trying to convert a Visilogic PLC application over to Unilogic. The Visilogic manual is very well done. The functionality for elements between the two suites are very different in several areas (timers). The F1 help is "lacking" at best, and unacceptable in comparison to the Visilogic manual. Unitronics please help your loyal customers and develop a usable PDF manual for the Unilogic Suite. Please make it easy to locate within your website. Thanks.
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