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  1. Hello Joe, thx for your respond. In my application i use the V350 on mobile devices, they all collect datas and I want to share them to the customers, thats why I'm thinking about IoT. So there should be a Website, where the customer can see the data from the Units. If the V350 can connect to an SQL database in the net, this would be the best solution. But this only works for the UniStream. I've tried to connect to a Server port, this works, but then you need server side scrips to bring the data into a MYSQL database. What do you mean is the simplest way to do the Job? KR Thomas
  2. Hi to All, I've short question. Did anyone use the Unitronics Vision Controller for an IoT application with the MQTT protocol? I think the Unitronics OPLC will fit very well to the Internet of Things. Best Regards Thomas
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