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  1. I've tried to test the communication with ADAM USB to RS485 converter and Modbus master. And that really helps me. I finally find the solution. I did quite many mistake in my PLC code on master and also in the slave side. In the past posts I attached the unworking PLC codes. Now I post the code thats works if anybody in the future will need this, and delete the old attaches. Thank you all. Modbus FC280_pop1,4.vlp
  2. Hi, I tried to change the vector length: 1(dec), 2(dec), 10(dec), 16(dec) and all this with hex. I tested termination on FC Off/On. If I press the F1 or F2 button to send telegram, I see on FC that the Bus message count increase for 3, because the master did 3 retries but increase also a Slave error count. If I change the slave ID on FC, there is no message on this FC, just in a bus massage. That means the FC received the telegram. There must be some error, but I cant find it. I do not have the Modbus Poll licence. I did some tests with coils in modbus and FC, some times ago. And that t
  3. I change the COM INIT block and also change the Modbus configuration to 57600, 8,n,1,N. And do the same in FC. ID of slave is 2. I have the jumper on V130 for RS485 an termination ON. The termination on slave is OFF. I also try to swapping the two outer pins of the com cable. I can see that the telegarm have been send in PLC. And on FC the Bus message count chenge, when ever I press the F2 button on PLC. But the reference on FC, what I want to regulate, does not change. The parameter to change this in Danfoss FC parameter is 3-10. Modbus 4x Holding Register (decimal) for that parameter is 3100
  4. Hello I change the ID address of the master/slave, as Gabriel Franco said. I also change the the other modbus parameters to: 9600,8,E,1. But its still does not work. Not to read or write. If I go to boot menu on V130, see under the Comunication Port1 that Rx and Tx was sended. But there is nothing now not a Led tripping on frek. converter. I was waiting for new cabel 6/6 I was thinking maybe is a problem in cabel but it is the same with new cabel. Please any advice or suggestion. Modbus FC280_pop1,2.vlp
  5. Hi All I have a problem with testing a Modbus RTU via RS485 on V130 as master and Danfoss frequency converter FC280. I made a PLC simple program to test write and read with modbus. Till now I did not use modbus serial comunication with frequency converter. Even a Unitronics PLC is not my strong range but I have been working with a Danfoss FC280 quite a lot. I see LED triping for comunication on FC280 when I press a F1 or F2 Buton on V130. But I stil can get a result. Pleas any help. Modbus FC280_pop1,1.vlp
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