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  1. Hi, I`m using Unitronics Vision OPLC IDE Version 9.8.31 Build 0. I have done some math calculation in float format and want to present i on the HMI panel (SM43-J-R20). I don`t want to have decimal in the HMI display. I have not found a function for convert my float value to integer.... ? And I have not figure out how I can control the number of decimal in the HMI for a float value? I assume these is something many others also have struggled with ? by I haven`t find any topics in the forum who help me out... I have tried the String Num to ASCII function, but I haven`t been able to get it to work... the value out of the function is just freezed. I have grateful for your time / inputs, project should be sent ASAP from us to customer... Thank you.
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