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  1. In my understanding, before to Prepare PLC side modem, I should Initialize PC side Modem first??????? is that correct?????? if YES, when I try to do it with this AT commands below for Defaults: (CINTERION EHS6T modem) +++ ATH |||AT+CFUN=0,1 (ERROR) WAIT 9 AT <PIN CODE> WAIT 3 ATI AT&D1&C1 AT+CLIP=1 AT^SCFG="GPRS/ATS0/withAttach","off" (ERROR) ATS0=1 AT+CSNS=4 AT^SCFG="Tcp/WithURCs","off" WAIT 3 AT^SGCONF=540,8 (ERROR) AT^SCFG="Radio/Band/HandOver",1 (ERROR) I got the last Visiologic Version 9.8.65 recommended by Unitronics
  2. I will send an email with the ERRORS generated by VISIOLOGIC when I try to initialize this modem. Thanks Joe for your help. I appreciate it
  3. Because What happens is when trying to run in Visiologic modem services for my modem in this case CINTERION EHS6T and put the correct com port in my case COM1 and so on. It says The EHST6 modem firmware MUST be version 03.001. For more information click help. But it let me keep moving to next step and when finally hit Initialize PC side Modem It says: 1- Open port 1 9600,N,8,1 27.- Modem Output AT&D1&C1 2- Modem Output AT (Baud Rate:9600)
  4. What software do you use to run those commands? because I tried to use PUTTY and hook up the modem to my USB serial port and pops up the screen in order to put the commands on but it didn't allow me even write anything? I checked the PUTTY software. and reinstalled but it won't work.
  5. I am trying to activate my modem GEMALTO in my Samba 4.3" but I couldn't yet because the provider phone company AT&T ask me what is the IMEI number device and I got this info (See info below). The sticker device says: CINTERION EHS6T USB Barcode: S30960-S2740-A100 (Top Barcode) 357042063006721 (Under barcode) both have 15 digits, I assume that one of this is the IMEI number and tried to activate the SIM card but It won't work, So Does anybody have an idea which
  6. Hey guys, I got a success connection between my PLC and yhe Apps after several times. What I did was get all the info through Command Prompt and use the IPv4s Address in this case was (preferred) and set up on computer and my phone and was able to communicate each other using the same LAN. I tried to connect using different LAN it won't work. Thanks to all for your useful comments. It help me a lot.
  7. I don't know What I am doing wrong but I can't connect my PLC via Remote Operator. I did it as help said My IP address is Socket 1 and Port 20256 over the App I set up like this But when I Check PLC Connection said "Connection to PLC Failed" Any suggestions for this???????? Thanks in advanced 1 Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Max total size 0.98MB Insert other media
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