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  1. Hi, Thank you for your suggestion, I did that as well, just forgot to mention it. I will try the support thing. Thank you .
  2. Hora there!! So I have been trying uploading file from vision 260 (using usb port to rs) everything seems to work fine but while building i get an Error ( attached) - tried all the available baud rates of the com port, - tried reinstall unitronics on the computer - made a full update of the operation system ( windows 7 pro) - tried to search for help on that topic with no luck. - running visiLogic as administrator when exiting the process it seems to build kind of a file with lots of ??????????? (language issue? ) If anyone have idea please help. Thank you
  3. Hi there, I have V700 with V200-18-E46B snap, I`m trying to figure out the connection to the analog input from 4-20ma sensor, The data of the v200 state that the maximum V in the analog input is 15, the sensor receives its V from the controller 24v, The output voltage from the sensor is 23. Volts .. Therefor I would assume there will be problem if I connect it to the input of the analog in (based on the maximum V in of the snap in 15v) Am i missing something here? do I need to provide lower voltage to the sensor? add something after the sensor to lower the volts? Help please. Thank you
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