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  1. I have been using the Jazz2 with the MJ20-Et1 for SCADA connectivity with an Android device. I am trying to troubleshoot some intermittent communication drop outs as well as intermittent inability to connect to the Jazz2 PLC. Can you please explain or point to documentation that clearly describes the following settings in Ethernet Configuration: Keep alive start time, Keep alive interval, and Inactivity timer? Thanks, Rob
  2. Hi, I have my JZ20-R31 setup for Modbus over Ethernet. This mostly works well butI recently experienced an issue of not being able to connect to the PLC. I am aware that the Jazz PLC only allows 1 connection at a time. I confirmed that nothing was connected to the Jazz yet SB24 was on. I have used SB24 before to verify connection and disconnection. Does anybody know a possible cause of SB24 being active when nothing is connected via ethernet? The main problem is not being able to connect to the Jazz. The only indicator of Ethernet connection that I know of is SB24 and it was active
  3. Hi, I also have the need to compare different revisions of projects. The request was made in Dec. 2011 to export STL. Is it now possible? If not, has another method been devised to compare projects? Please explain how to accomplish this task. Regards, Rob Lowe
  4. Thanks for the reply. Before I hit go on the new Vision PLC, can you confirm whether or not the Vision series PLC is able to maintain connection with more than one ethernet Ip address or client? I currently have the Jazz2 with ethernet adapter connected as a server in a Wifi local area network. The PLC is controlled and monitored with an android HMI app on a mobile device. The problem is the Jazz2 only supports 1 connection. So if an operator is controlling the machine with the HMI app, no one else can monitor the machine or receive alarms. I would like to have more than one con
  5. I have outgrown the Jazz2 and wanting to upgrade to a Vision 130. The Jazz2 Ladder program has become fairly complex over years of development and upgrades. I have only moderate programming skill. Can the Jazz2 Ladder program be easily converted to run on the Vision 130? I realize the the HMI screens would all have to be created for the Vision but could the core ladder program just be copied and pasted? Are the System bits of the Jazz2 compatible with the Vision series or would they need to be cross referenced and changed? Thanks in advance, Rob
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