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  1. Joe - Thanks for your quick response! It looks to me like the termination characters are not the problem - I can see the hex characters in the terminal programs (I like that Terminal you suggested), and I can program the barcode scanners to send or not send termination characters. Including all Hex characters, both scanners are reading the same. At the moment I have both scanners set to send no termination characters (they both send ONLY the characters in the barcode), and I still see the same behavior - one scanner works fine, the other doesn't register. My program is only lo
  2. Hi All - I am working to connect a barcode reader to a Vision 120 PLC via RS232. I have two barcode readers on hand - a Motorola Symbol LS4278 (which reads 1D and 2D codes), and a 1D-only Royal PS700-LSR. Both readers are set up the same way - serial cable with external power input into the scanner, connected to the PLC by a DB9 to RJ45 adapter. When connected to a Serial-to-USB converter to the computer, both scanners send the same data to the Serial Terminal (I am using Hercules). But when connected to the PLC, the Royal scanner data is read as expected, but nothing happens when sc
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