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  1. Hi Joe, Thanks a lot for your help. I fixed the problem by adding a num to ASCII translation as below. And the file's name is ML6.
  2. Hi all, I'm saving datas in a SD Card thanks to Visilogic. I've a problem with the file's name saved : I want its name to be the value in ML4-NumAffaires. For exemple it can be 83178. But instead of having this, I've -D-. I think it's a problem of space and conversion, but I don't manage to fix the problem. Thanks in advance for your help
  3. We weren't talking of the same text box but I found the answer, it was the police thanks.
  4. Project finished but I've a last problem : Is it possible to charachters (in text bow) with accents ? Thanks for all your help. Cheers
  5. Hi, The problem was due to a mistake in the electrical wiring.. Now I communicate with the SD Card and I save the datas in an Excel file. I try to configure the file's title because I want it similar to this form : Var1_Var2/Var3/Var4_Var5 Var1 => ML Var2 => MI Var3 => ML Var4 => MI Var5 => DW How can I do it ? Can you give me the main/best way to do it ? Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. Hi Flex727, Thanks for your suggestions. In fact, those resouces are very helpful but I don't manage to see why my analog output doesn't work.. I've a module I/0 snap-in E3XB with 12 bits analog outputs. To test my analog output, I've created a new project where analog output 0 (0-10V) is associated to MI 0. If I set MI 0 to 4095, I should have 10V on analog output 0 but it's not the case. As you said me before, I don't use immediate "Write Analog Ouput".
  7. Thanks normal coils have solved my problems. I've some other problems with analog outputs but I'll try to correct them tomorrow. Analog output 0 (0-10V) is associated to MI 0. If MI 0 is set to max-value (about 30000), I should have 10V on analog output 0, isn't? Is code bellow correct ? START and STOP are buttons. Thanks for your help.
  8. I see it's justerelays and contacts.. I'm going to try
  9. Wow.. What is the regular kind for inputs/outputs ? It's the main routine
  10. And How to store the value of an input ? Because immediate "Read input" just store it and doesn't save it.. Thanks in advance.
  11. Still problems.. The outputs' values don't change. Is it an electrical mistake or my ladder isn't correct ? Thanks in advance.
  12. No nothing turns MB 71 off when the output max value is reached. But if I add this, the temporisation won't be active, so TD17 will be 0 and the analog output won't decrease.. Is that correct or not ? Thanks for your help.
  13. Good Morning all, I've an other problem: I try to control an analog output. I increment it during 20sec and I desincrement it during 20sec. Then, the output is set to 0. The output is well incremented but it doens't desincrement.. Whereas to desincrement, the output stays to the max value and after 20sec is set to 0. To see the code, download the screen attached. Thanks in advance for your help !
  14. Thanks for your quick answer. I'm going to test this tomorrow.
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