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  1. Was wondering if there is remote i/o outputs with 4 to 20 mA output. The URA-0004W and URA-0008W only shows 0 to 20 mA. Thanks Rog
  2. So we have several of the unistream units out there. But recently the last 2 we built with the exact program on them. Are having issues with analog inputs. They started to jump all over the place. Tried different signal wires same reading. Multi meter run series and analog signal not jumping all over the place, just smooth reading. I don't know if it the modules or the last firmware update. Was wondering if you guys had any thoughts. Thanks Rog
  3. We been having issues this modules. Work for sometime. Then all sudden the module fails. Reading from the input starts to jump all over the place. It turns out one the inputs causes it. Removed the input. We have this set up to read from the source. Is there something causing this fail. We have replaced bunch of the AI8. Never have issues with AI4 modules. Thanks
  4. It would good to see in this set-up. You set your triggers and then it linked to a bit. That is could be used to a Digital output for physical alarm. When they acknowledge it. Then reset timers for alarm. To go off again till it resolved. Just suggestion. Save whole a lot of time in ladder logic.
  5. Been having issues with this past couple days. Wondering if anyone else had it or found a fix for it. This 2 displays either appear behind the main application, and i can't get to them. Then I am locked out from getting to them. Then I have to control-alt-delete and then task manager and close it. Then reopen and the move application around to right spot to get to them. If not then I have to do it over till I can. Thanks Rog
  6. Rog

    MQTT Brokers

    I was wondering what most people use for MQTT brokers servers. Which is the best for data analytics and collection? Thanks, Rog
  7. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. Trying to connect to a Azure sql server running the latest version of SQL server. I can connect using telnet and SSMS no problems. The unistream can connect to a local host using sql express. However when i connect using the same info. I get error which is the pic attached. I am kinda at a impasse. So what server on the unistream line compatible with?
  9. It is 4 to 20mA reading . Thanks for the reply Rog
  10. I am trying to make a running totalizer in unistream. Trying to figure what best way to that. I am kinda new at the unistream line, but it has been pleasant experience. I attached what I had. Any advice on how should go about this. Trying to calculate GPS on flow. Thanks
  11. Thanks for the input, that helped to give me little more insight. As for the seminars. There only one been lasted at the end Feb. Is there going to be more? Thanks
  12. Hello Gents and Ladies, I am new to the unistream line. Haven't had chance to take the seminar for it. It definitely little bit different then Visilogic line as for programming. Just trying to figure the math out. Some of it turning out to be zero. Just can't figure out what I am doing wrong. If you care for some points. Would like to see math examples. Thanks PICC1.ulpr
  13. Hi all, I have V350-35-R6. Trying to set-up high speed counter on using seamtrics s-series jet flow meter. https://www.seametrics.com/wp-content/uploads/LT-65200067r1.4-20180202-S-Series-Instr_0.pdf. I have tried pnp and npn neither work. I can get it to run on the DI8 modules(using PnP and resistor) and the snap-in modules using NpN on it using the same logic. I just curious if there anything wrong with what i doing wrong.
  14. Ya the port # are the same. They worked for 570. This program is a left over to me. I am upgrading 570 to 700. So that why I have some miss understanding. For what this ladder logic. It main purpose is to connect to a remote server and dump info to it. Mostly like usages of different chemicals, Flows(GPM), and levels on tanks.
  15. I have attached the ladder and HMI I use to do this. Thanks PODD700.vlp
  16. I do not have MODBUS in the ladder. The original 570 never did either. Thanks
  17. I get 19, never seen it hit 23. I have a HMI screen that I input the ip address to get onto the net, which was in my original post. With the original 570, I can take the any IP address out and the 570 would not connect. My ladder logic isn't very different at all(which can be seen in my later post. Thanks
  18. Thanks for reply and thanks pointing out the extra net. After I changed to how suggested. It shows in the HMI that it connected, but when I take IP address out. It still shows it connected to net regardless of not having a IP address. When I look in help 19 means Socket Initialized to TCP. I am not sure if it truly connected to net.
  19. This current ladder I have. It is pretty similar to what was used on the 570. I took out SB 144 and 148 replaced with v700 read function and compare block just like examples. Still nothing. Getting a 19 on the MI 2. But nothing happens after. Thanks, Rog
  20. I am switching from V570 to V700. Some the logic isn't used no more. The following attachment. I am trying to figure what I need to change out to make it work. I need to establish connection by inputting address then saying it connected. Then disconnect after a period of time. MB 4000 starts a timer once timer runs out it connects to server that is inputted. Then disconnect. I just like to know what i need to switch out. The last pic is what i currently have changed. Thanks Rog V570 logic Screen to input addresses and status V700 current logic.
  21. I have no knowledge of modbus. Besides watching the videos from Unitronics. Was wondering how the addresses are applied into the ladder logic. But I will look over, what you given me.
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