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  1. Hi,

    I have a problem with Unitronics V350-J-T2 PLC.

    For the past month it has been displaying message (see attachment).

    I need your official response to this problem, so I can show it to my investors.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Cara Bereck Levy

      Cara Bereck Levy

      Did you receive help with your issue?

      (Apologies - you wrote to me personally, and I was on vacation so I did not see it. It is best to write to Support, or post publicly - the Support staff monitors inquiries and the Forum daily.)

  2. Thanks, this is not what I was looking for, but definitely helped me to get to right solution. I didn't realize that PLC automatically, after I select keypad entry in variable list, and select display that has this variable, gets to input value. I realized that after I downloaded program into PLC. Best regards, Nikola Ljubinkovic
  3. Hi, How to input value using PLC keyboard? I have some MI integers that I want to show on Jazz PLC Display, and I want to be able to change them using PLC keyboard. How to do that? Thanks in advance, Nikola Ljubinkovic
  4. Hold i key on PLC, go to SYSTEM, RESET. If password is asked, it should be 1111
  5. Hi, I got V130 PLC, and I need to show some analog measurements on my display. When I try to type in russian, it just shows * no matter what I type. How can I solve this? Thankful in advance, Nikola Ljubinkovic
  6. Hi, I got Jazz PLC, and I need to show some analog measurements on my display. When I try to type in russian, it just shows * no matter what I type. How can I solve this? Thankful in advance, Nikola Ljubinkovic
  7. In order to do this, you need to use compare block. Your first value should be impulse count, and your second value should be some # number you have selected as liter mark. You also need a counter that counts how many times your impulse has arrived, and store that number. See the attached file. Comments should describe everything you want to know. Hope this helps. Best regards, Nikola Ljubinkovic DIgital_Pulse_Counter.U90
  8. Thanks! This solved the problem, I really appreciate fast answer.
  9. Hi, I have JZ20-J-T18 Jazz PLC, and U90 Ladder. I have 2 Analog Inputs that needs to be scaled. I have found a way to scale one of them, using SI 80-85 and my Analog Input (4-20 mA). Now i need to scale second one, but there is no SI for 2 or more scaling. My question is how to scale 2 Analog Inputs in U90 Ladder, if possible? Thankful in advance, Nikola Ljubinkovic
  10. I contacted my seller, they said it can be hardware problem, and they will send me a new device. New PLC has arrived yesterday, and I installed it on facility, but I had no time to test this problem. Anyway, I have tested my logic fully, and I will not do this over again. It works fine without me being connected to it, and I just don't want to know if this is problem with Jazz, or hardware. I really appreciate help, I got what I needed to know. Best regards, Nikola Ljubinkovic
  11. Hi, I'm have 3 main computers I use. Windows 10 home is my main, but for PLC programming I mostly use one with Windows 7. I also have one with Windows 8.1. All three are laptops, and I also have fourth one, with Windows XP and Vista. I have tried this on all of them, besides XP and Vista, it worked same on all laptops. My Colleague has two PC's and one laptop all with Windows 7, I tried that on all of them, and I got same results. I should just mention, all my software is always up to date, my job requires me to always have all the latest software. Also, PLC is up to
  12. I have seen that post that you told me to see. Like I said, it does not depends on the code i have in my plc. The whole logic that is bothering me is following: One normally open contact that is (MB0) that is connected to Input (I0) that turns on real-life pump. Then, after 100-200 milliseconds, on my other Input (I1) i get work confirmation bit, that says me that pump is working. Using that bit, I turn on motor in totally independent system, that turns on only if my pump is working for longer than 5 seconds. When pump shuts down, so does the motor. It literally can't be simpler than
  13. That is what I have been using all the time, and sometimes also the full view with screen. Code is not the problem, I have tried to put just 2-3 simple ladder lines to my PLC, same things happens. It does not depend on my program. Question is very simple, can I be connected to this specific model of Jazz (JZ20-J-T40) in online mode (glasses :D) and to read directly I/O's on PLC. Specific the ones that start something, and then that something sends me a work confirmation bit on input, and then I read it and so on. On my V130 i had no problem with online start/stop of the same f
  14. Hi Ausman, First to say this. Thanks for quick answer. I really like this forum and I'm very thankful for all the help I've been getting. I have never left without answer I came for. With that said, we can continue working on this small, but very annoying problem. Yes of course I have installed my driver from that menu. I have also checked if I have any other driver that is messing things up, nothing is installed for U90 Ladder beside this one I already have. I used this same laptop with same drivers for many other unitronics PLC's, and I've used it after, and have no problems with
  15. It was hardware problem, and my dealer has sent me replace.
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