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  1. Hi,

    I have a problem with Unitronics V350-J-T2 PLC.

    For the past month it has been displaying message (see attachment).

    I need your official response to this problem, so I can show it to my investors.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Cara Bereck Levy

      Cara Bereck Levy

      Did you receive help with your issue?

      (Apologies - you wrote to me personally, and I was on vacation so I did not see it. It is best to write to Support, or post publicly - the Support staff monitors inquiries and the Forum daily.)

  2. Thanks, this is not what I was looking for, but definitely helped me to get to right solution. I didn't realize that PLC automatically, after I select keypad entry in variable list, and select display that has this variable, gets to input value. I realized that after I downloaded program into PLC. Best regards, Nikola Ljubinkovic
  3. Hi, How to input value using PLC keyboard? I have some MI integers that I want to show on Jazz PLC Display, and I want to be able to change them using PLC keyboard. How to do that? Thanks in advance, Nikola Ljubinkovic
  4. Hold i key on PLC, go to SYSTEM, RESET. If password is asked, it should be 1111
  5. Hi, I got V130 PLC, and I need to show some analog measurements on my display. When I try to type in russian, it just shows * no matter what I type. How can I solve this? Thankful in advance, Nikola Ljubinkovic
  6. Hi, I got Jazz PLC, and I need to show some analog measurements on my display. When I try to type in russian, it just shows * no matter what I type. How can I solve this? Thankful in advance, Nikola Ljubinkovic
  7. In order to do this, you need to use compare block. Your first value should be impulse count, and your second value should be some # number you have selected as liter mark. You also need a counter that counts how many times your impulse has arrived, and store that number. See the attached file. Comments should describe everything you want to know. Hope this helps. Best regards, Nikola Ljubinkovic DIgital_Pulse_Counter.U90
  8. Thanks! This solved the problem, I really appreciate fast answer.
  9. Hi, I have JZ20-J-T18 Jazz PLC, and U90 Ladder. I have 2 Analog Inputs that needs to be scaled. I have found a way to scale one of them, using SI 80-85 and my Analog Input (4-20 mA). Now i need to scale second one, but there is no SI for 2 or more scaling. My question is how to scale 2 Analog Inputs in U90 Ladder, if possible? Thankful in advance, Nikola Ljubinkovic
  10. I contacted my seller, they said it can be hardware problem, and they will send me a new device. New PLC has arrived yesterday, and I installed it on facility, but I had no time to test this problem. Anyway, I have tested my logic fully, and I will not do this over again. It works fine without me being connected to it, and I just don't want to know if this is problem with Jazz, or hardware. I really appreciate help, I got what I needed to know. Best regards, Nikola Ljubinkovic
  11. Hi, I'm have 3 main computers I use. Windows 10 home is my main, but for PLC programming I mostly use one with Windows 7. I also have one with Windows 8.1. All three are laptops, and I also have fourth one, with Windows XP and Vista. I have tried this on all of them, besides XP and Vista, it worked same on all laptops. My Colleague has two PC's and one laptop all with Windows 7, I tried that on all of them, and I got same results. I should just mention, all my software is always up to date, my job requires me to always have all the latest software. Also, PLC is up to date, Bios, OS Version etc. All newest. Problem didn't happen on some uptade, or something like that, because first thing that came to my mind was that some of the updates is not working properly, so i downgraded my laptops to version I was sure PLC has worked on. Again, same thing. This error happens to me on ethernet and USB. Best Regards, Nikola Ljubinkovic
  12. I have seen that post that you told me to see. Like I said, it does not depends on the code i have in my plc. The whole logic that is bothering me is following: One normally open contact that is (MB0) that is connected to Input (I0) that turns on real-life pump. Then, after 100-200 milliseconds, on my other Input (I1) i get work confirmation bit, that says me that pump is working. Using that bit, I turn on motor in totally independent system, that turns on only if my pump is working for longer than 5 seconds. When pump shuts down, so does the motor. It literally can't be simpler than that. Two Inputs, two outputs, same thing. This is a different PLC from one I have in download error post. It's the same model, but different device. My code in reality looks a little different. I have 8 pumps and 3 motors, but I use same logic, just bigger and a little more complex. But for testing my PLC, I have downloaded and tried same thing I said above, and when I get work confirmation, PUFF! Shutdown. I will contact my seller here in Serbia to see is it maybe hardware problem. I have some other post on this forum where problem was in device they sent me, not software I have downloaded. Also, everything that can be updated, is updated. Drivers, windows, OS, PLC, bios, etc. I have tried also on versions my PLC has worked on, still the same. I can no longer lose my time on this one, so I began new project, and put this one on standby. I contacted my seller, PLC is with them, they said they will respond with an answer in next 2-5 days. Results will be posted here. All I wanted to find out here is can Jazz be viewed online with laptop on actual facility with actual I/O's and logic, or all debugging must be done before connecting it to the I/O's power. Simulation can be used with just a PLC and laptop or PC, and everything I have tried with this equipment worked fine, until real-world test. It does not depend on which PC/Laptop etc I'm connected to it while online viewing, it crashes only and every time on work confirmation, and only if I'm online. I have tested my PLC, and it works just fine without me connected to it, and on same part of the logic where it crashes when I'm online, it works just fine when I'm not connected to it. I have also measured all current and voltage in my entire setup, and in this exact moment, it doesn't show anything unusual at all. Best Regards, Nikola Ljubinkovic
  13. That is what I have been using all the time, and sometimes also the full view with screen. Code is not the problem, I have tried to put just 2-3 simple ladder lines to my PLC, same things happens. It does not depend on my program. Question is very simple, can I be connected to this specific model of Jazz (JZ20-J-T40) in online mode (glasses :D) and to read directly I/O's on PLC. Specific the ones that start something, and then that something sends me a work confirmation bit on input, and then I read it and so on. On my V130 i had no problem with online start/stop of the same facility, with same pumps and everything, and same program. On Jazz it shuts down every time on this same part of program logic, no matter what pump (of 8 pumps) I have started, and get theirs work confirmation. I measured all the voltage and current on PLC I/O's, and I have measured on this specific point when PLC shuts down, it works normally. I also have relay mode on this facility, and I measured V/A again, also OK. This problem happens only on Jazz. Best regards, Nikola Ljubinkovic
  14. Hi Ausman, First to say this. Thanks for quick answer. I really like this forum and I'm very thankful for all the help I've been getting. I have never left without answer I came for. With that said, we can continue working on this small, but very annoying problem. Yes of course I have installed my driver from that menu. I have also checked if I have any other driver that is messing things up, nothing is installed for U90 Ladder beside this one I already have. I used this same laptop with same drivers for many other unitronics PLC's, and I've used it after, and have no problems with it. I had something like 5-6 Unitronics PLC's after this specific one (Jazz) and had no problems with it. It confuses me. I have also tried to install drivers on my old laptop that I never use, and this laptop is empty of all drivers and programs, it just have windows. I installed U90 and drivers, and I have connected successfully to exactly same PLC, everything works fine, and then I download one line of ladder code, with input and output, and same thing happens. Unplug/Plug twice, keeps working normally until next download, then same again. Also, sometimes, it takes more than two unplug/plug usb to get thing running. Few times, like 2-3, it has connected successfully to PLC, and worked for 5-10 seconds, and then crashed just like every other time. Yesterday, when I was testing other PLC's I tried really hard to get them to crash same way, I downloaded so many times, and i have disconnected them while download, after download, and nothing happens. It just displays errors that it normally should (because I'm disconnecting it WHILE download). My goal here is to find out what could I have done wrong to make this happen every single time, and to be able to download without interruption. Best regards, Nikola Ljubinkovic
  15. It was hardware problem, and my dealer has sent me replace.
  16. Hi I have Unitronics Jazz PLC Jz20-J-T40 PLC. When I connect to my PLC and make online changes, like forcing bit that changes my output, PLC shuts down. This bit that I force, turns ON pump on Output, and then I should get confirmation work signal on Input, but instead, it shuts down. When I'm not connected to PLC, and this same situation happens, it works normally, i can also see confirmation work on my PLC screen. But when I'm connected it shuts down on same place. I have 8 pumps that works this way, and same thing happens on all of them. Does my model of Jazz PLC can work in mode that I'm trying to work in (online debugging with I/O changing) or not? Please help. Thankful in advance, Nikola Ljubinkovic
  17. Hi I have Unitronics Jazz Jz-20-T40 PLC. I have all the newest software and PLC system. When i power ON my PLC, and then using USB i connect it to my laptop, connection is working fine and i can see PLC from laptop. Then, when I download PLC Program to my Jazz PLC, it downloads normally, and as it should, PLC reboots. On my other Jazz PLCs it turns ON again, and it's still connected to my laptop. But, on this specific model, when i finish download, and try to connect to it again, it displays 4-5 messages that says restart U90, PC and so on. When I try to connect to it again, I get same message. I tried to restart U90, still the same. I really don't want to restart laptop, so I tried to unplug and plug USB. It shows me that i don't have needed drivers for this device. I click update device software, it says it's already newest, as it should. Then i try to install from U90, it says that I already have it. Then I unplug and plug again, and everything works normally. Every time I download, i need to unplug and plug USB twice, before I can again debug my PLC. It just needs to be reconnected twice, without installing anything at all. It confuses me a lot. Please help. Thankful in advance, Nikola Ljubinkovic
  18. I keep that as my last option, but it seems like I have no choise. I will try that, and I will post results here. Best Regards, Nikola Ljubinkovic
  19. Yes you can. I'm using VisiLogic on my Win7 laptop (x64 bit). It works just fine. You can Enable/Disable your UAC if you want, but I don't think it will change anything. Best Regards, Nikola Ljubinkovic
  20. I have tried that, and it just shows blank display with backlight, but it should be showing text In debug simulation shows what text it should display, but PLC nothing, blank screen with backlight. When I power OFF device I can see backlight go OFF, and when I power it on I can see it goes ON, but without text that it should display. Just to say this, I have never open PLC backpanel, or experiment with anything like that. PLC has never left my desk. It was working normally for 2 months, and this happened. SB9 is bit that turns PLC Display's backlight ON and OFF it does not change my missing text problem (missing everything problem). I tried to find System bit or Integer that changes value of text somehow, but I can't find it. Is there bit like that on Jazz PLC's? I know there is for other PLC's, I just can't find it for Jazz. Best Regards, Nikola Ljubinkovic
  21. I have tried to hold down info key, it does nothing. I contacted some support, they told me to power OFF device, and hold info key and 7, then power it ON. As they said, it should reset PLC, and delete it's Operatin System. I did that, and connected PLC to my laptop. Downloaded it's Operating System again, and get same blank Screen, that glows a little. I have tried to download older OS, same thing happens. I put it back to newest OS. SB9 just turns OFF backlight, it doesen't help. I have made some screens, and downoaded them into PLC, and in online mode i tried to switch from screen to screen. SI2 (Current HMI Display) says that Screend are switcing, and in online mode that shows PLC Screen, i can see different displays, but PLC just shows same blank glowing display. I think it's hardware problem, but I am willing to try anything to fix this, before I contact my seller. Best Regards, Nikola Ljubinkovic
  22. HI, Thanks for such a quick answer, i wasn't able to find this System Integer, so i found on this forum that this integer is si7, tried to change that, it won't change from 0 to any other number. SI7 has no name in my U90 Ladder, I have newest version available. What is this Integer you said that I should change? Best Regards, Nikola Ljubinkovic
  23. Hi, I have Jazz PLC JZ20-J-T40, and i have 6 Screens on it. I have downloaded my program successfully, and PLC has been working properly for a wery long time, (two months to be exact). After I turned OFF and ON my PLC, it didn't displayed screens I have on it, so I thought that I have burned it, because of power or something. I measured power supply, it was OK, so I connected Laptop to PLC. I have successfully conected to PLC, and went online. I have some MBs on plc that i change using plc tasters, tried that, it works just fine. Everything works properly, except PLC Display. U90 Ladder has an option to debug display online, so I tried that on my laptop, it shows displays as it should, but on PLC just blank screen. I can see that PLC display is glowing a little, it just doesen't show any text that it should show. I have tried to download again, nothing changed. I tried to update Operating System, it says it's up to date. Is there a way of fixing this? Best Regards, Nikola Ljubinkovic
  24. My IP settings are: PLC1 (V130) PLC2 (Jazz) PLC3 (Jazz) I didn't post pictures for Jazz configuration, because, like I said, I used exactly the same configuration like they showed in example project for Jazz. My problem is not connecting to Jazz, when I connect one Jazz PLC it works normally. My problem is connecting two of them, second PLC just keeps reading values from first PLC. I tried with two different sockets, it gives me same results. But look at the socket configuration, it has 16 places to put addresses of 16 different PLC, I think it has to be able to connect more PLC's on same one. I didn't understand you, are you saying in order to connect two different PLC's, I have to connect/disconnect them manually? If so, this is not solution for me, those PLC's will be so far from each other, that this will be almost impossible. I need some solution that when I connect them, I no longer have to connect/disconnect them. Can somebody post project that has this configuration successfully configured? Thankful Nikola Ljubinkovic
  25. Hi, I have Unitronics PLC V130-J-TR20 PLC, which is a master, and two Jazz JZ20-J-T40, which are slaves. I need two of the slave Jazz PLC's to communicate with master V130 PLC. I have made configuration in PLC Program for read and write, but it's not working properly. When i set bit for request to read PLC3 (MB100), it reads it normally. But, when i try to read PLC2, it reads same value that I have on PLC3, although Communication is OK with PLC2. I have read example project, and used it to configure communication between PLC's, like you can see in the images. Regardless of what I do, one of the PLC's is not working properly, communication says it's OK, but keeps reading values from other PLC. IP addresses are different, of course, and i have typed them correctly into the MODBUS IP Configuration, like in the image. On my Jazz PLC's I have done everything like Example project in U90 Ladder says. Is there a way of fixing this? Thankful Nikola Ljubinkovic
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