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  1. Hey Flex,

    This is Ryan, we spoke on the phone about a week ago. I wanted to see if you could lend your expertise to a blog post I wrote about Unitronics platforms as a whole. Perhaps you would have something to weigh in on or critique. I wouldn't want to be providing anyone with inferior information and would really appreciate your review!


    That's a link to the post. Please, let me know what you think. The host of that site is a really nice guy too, maybe you'll like the site if you haven't discovered it already. Thanks!


  2. Hello Ray, It seems that you can't have the struct retain on its own. Alternatively, you should be able to STORE the information you want retained into placeholders. You could use the startup bit "General.Ladder Initial Cycle" and move that info back into the PID Config struct values you want to retain. I hope this helps! Best, Ryan
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