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  1. I am referring to the .Net Library found at http://unitronics.com/Downloads/Support/Communication%20and%20Development/.NET%20Driver%202013.zip The Unitronics V130-33-TR20 gives error - unsupported model I was able to get around this by altering the automatically generated XML file As there a new models that have been released after the .dll was compiled (eg the Samba) this will become a bigger problem Thanks
  2. When will there be an update to the .net driver to allow for all the new models? I have been modifying the xml file where necessary but with all the new models released since the .net driver was last compiled, this is becoming a hinderence Thanks
  3. Sorry, but not having much luck with this, I changed the code to use: plc_con.SendString("GP000501") instead of plc_con.ReadWrite(plc_request) but got no reply from the Jazz Are you able to provide more detail about the string to be sent to the plc? Thanks
  4. Hi I have built an application for monitoring registers on Unitronics PLC's using the Unitronics.ComDriver with vb.net Currently I am using the version compiled on 21/01/2013 I am able to read/Write to all registers on all devices except Jazz Timers When attempting to read either TP or TC Timers I get the following error: The code I am using: Dim plc_request As ReadWriteRequest() = New ReadWriteRequest(0) {} Dim plc_read As ReadOperands = New ReadOperands() plc_read.NumberOfOperands = 1 plc_read.OperandType = OperandTypes.TimerPreset plc_read.StartAddress = 5 plc_read.TimerValueFormat = TimerValueFormat.SecondsFormat plc_request(0) = plc_read plc_con.ReadWrite(plc_request) -- error occurs on this line Dim plc_value As Object() = DirectCast((plc_request(0).ResponseValues), Object()) The error occurs on the line: plc_request(0) = plc_read I have also tried with plc_read.TimerValueFormat = TimerValueFormat.TimeFormat I appreciate any help you can provide Thanks
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