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  1. Hi everybody.

    I need some help because I have an issue, trying to use a Beckhoff BK5120 | CANopen Bus Coupler with a V1210 PLC


    with the next configuration 

    4 KL1114 DIGITAL INPUT (4 SINKING)        
    2 KL1408 DIGITAL INPUT (8 SINKING)        
    1 KL2134 DIGITAL OUTPUT (4 SOURCING)        
    2 KL2408 DIGITAL OUTPUT (8 SOURCING)        
    1 KL3061 ANALOG (0-10V) INPUT    


    The issue that I have is that I've never used a Beckhoff  KL3061 ANALOG (0-10V) INPUT    and I don't know how to set up the Unitronics V1210 PLC CANopen configuration in the VisiLogic Software.

    Also, I'd like to know which function can I use to read the analog input. 

    Does anybody did that before? I'll appreciate your help.

    Thank you.

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