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  1. Hi Offir! I agree that the import ability of any Modbus tables would save a lot of working time and will help preventing mistakes. this is impotent on new project that have same addressing lists many times already present in a previews project. Or if you just want to re-arrange the current table you find it problematic as it is not possible to insert a row. in any case to edit a table would be more efficient and time saving using Excel. Other functions that would be helpful if has export/import are Email and SMS. some time i would like to copy a complex message from one application to another. and it is not possible. Any chance to find it in a future updated?
  2. Hi, After successful installation of Visilogic V9.8.65 the program crash when I try to open any previous application . The crash just when navigating to a folder containing *VLP files even before selection or even view of any file. In addition the installation influence windows explorer too. when trying to open any folder with *vlp files windows explorer crash, and restart automatically. Same issue with V9.8.31 Only after roiling back to by previous V9.8.22 AND using Version Swapper to register that version, i can open Visilogic, any application, and use Windows explorer normally. I use Windows 10 Pro with administrator rights. anybody experience that too? Any suggestions or cure? Thanks everyone! Ofer
  3. Hi Ofir and all My problem is the the PID AT Parmas struct is not retaining although it is marked as retain. I am trying to find a workaround for that, and in addition to be able to save/load PID parameters from SD card. I define a user struct with exactly the same members like the system struct . this i wanted to use for indexed data-table that i can write one row into and save it as a UDTF file on the SD. my problem with that solution is that Copy struct function is not working with the system struct . The only thing is to to is to use few Store functions each for one PID value. My questions: Why the system struct PID AT Parmas struct is not retained as its set to be? Any way to copy a system struck valued to a user struct as a whole? Thanks Ofer
  4. Hi all! I would like to place a local timer in a UDFB, but this option is not available (The timer save key is disable when it is set to local) I guess there is a reason why local timer is not possible... The option I know is to define the timer as a Function-In , but then i have to connect a different global timer on each of the UDFB instances, and in case there are many of them we miss the concept of UDFB somehow. So I was trying another option to count seconds on a Local Counter (Inc function to Local INT16 Tag) . The counter pulse come from a Function-In Bit (One scan every 1 second). The problem with is the counter is not increasing if the tag is local, and it dose very well if the tag is global. This I can see with the latest Unilogic version that support monitoring UDFB online, very helpful! Any help regarding timing and counting within UDFB local tags is welcome. Ofer
  5. Hi, You can also scroll several messages on one element, depend on different rising bits for each message. This by using of "List of Text Variable" combined with "Event UDFB " that comes with the installation package. Ofer
  6. Hi all, I read this interesting topic and would like to bring my experience. I find that periodic MODBUS is true verry simple and friendly. Yet I would like to point on two other issues with that: 1. Many times WRITE command must be sent only once to the slave (like setpoints) and periodic modbus function keep sending the data as long as the active bit is true. in addition It is not possible to mix periodic and aperiodic configuration for read/write functions and not even for different slaves on the same port. My solution is to build UDFB that compares data from READ and WRITE commands of the same address and reset the write active bit once the data is successfully sent, and with timeout for unsuccessful writes. I will be happy to share if anybody will find this helpful. 2. It is very important to have IMPORT/EXPORT option for the configuration lists, because they might be quite long. This feature can save a lot of time and errors by sharing between projects and with the ability to use excel for editing. Ofer
  7. Thank you Guy and Saragani. I checked with a service provider, unfortunately it will not be possible to send API to IP address, as the message will not be directed inside the server. It must be send to a URL and I think it is not possible from Vision or Unilogic . is it? I guess GSM modem or Mail-to-SMS remain the only options left.
  8. I don't know HTML but I will get some help and try. This is an example I received from the provider support for a sting structure to send using POST protocol: key=yourapikey&user=050123456789&pass=88665599&sender=0501234567&recipient=0501234563;0501234563;0501234562&msg=Hello world The string should be sent to a URL address. Is it possible to send it to a URL or I must obtain the IP address? Ofer
  9. Thank you Saragani, I am not sure what is the API protocol. Can you figure it out from the attached instructions file? www.sms4free.co.il_api_sms-.pdf This I got from a free trial that anybody can have for testing. In this case i am using V570, but i'm interesting for Unistream as well . is it possible to get any example? Ofer
  10. Hi everybody, While looking for a MAIL-to-SMS service providers, one told me that their service supports API (Application programming interface) that runs more efficiently than emails. I wonder, would it possible to send API commands from Vision or Unistream PLC? Thanks
  11. Just see that post.. Try this: 1. Export global tags to excel. 2. Reorder struct members in excel including all it's instances on #Global sheet. save the workbook. 3. Import global tags from excel. 3. run compile/build all It worked for me it certain cases that it was required to reorder data table columns order, although it is not approved by Unitronics. Hope it helps. Ofer
  12. Dear all, I am using different data tables in a project, including saving and loading TDI from SD card. Some of the tables are "system" oriented like settings, and some tables are "user" oriented like programs and recipes. User should select a file by using HMI element: File selector browser . For now ALL DTI files are kept in the DT folder and selection is problematic. I need to separate each kind in a different subfolder, so the selection will be user friendly. The "Store DTI to a file" and "Store DTI to a file" ladder blocks is not giving the option for different sub directories , that would helped if exist. File selector browser is not supporting sub folders as well. Can I use differents folder path as part of the file name string? or any other way to manage subfolders? In addition, "Copy/Move file" and ladder elements, don't have the option to copy or move within SD card folders, but only to/from DOK. It would have helpful if possible to arrange the files by type of functions by ladder. any ideas? Any help?
  13. Thank for replying. BTW it will be great to have that option in the E-mail body too (it is already present in the subject) Ofer
  14. OK I Understand, but what about the text type element? It is really missing...
  15. Hello guys from Unitronics! SMS message can be assembled from Fix/Binary/List texts and Number variable, but where is the String-type element? examples how work can be more efficient with: 1. sending various texts from Data-Table (that can be modify import/export efficiently by Excel) 2. using the same strings messages on the HMI screens / Alarms / Email. 3. sending SMS message directly from screen. Using Message composer for SMS messages can also be great, if will be available. Any reason why String element is not there? Any hope for change?
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