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  1. Hello Cam, thanks for your answer. To me it is obvious because we ship the PLC to any customer and we do not know up front what there communication parameters are. Please Advise, thanks Ad
  2. Hello, how can I change the IP address of an Ethernet IP node dynamically (via edit box on a screen)? Your help is very much appreciated. Ad
  3. Hello I am trying to send an explicit message to a Unistream PLC as seen above. This picture is made from a third party EIP scanner and works as is. The message unlocks a device I am controlling. Note that the Command is NOT 0x10 but a special command 0x45 I also have to set request data 0xCD. So the Adapter's documentation of the message is: Service Code: 0x45 Class: 0x67 Instance: 0x89 Attribute: 0xAB Data: 0xCD The ladder component I use is 'EIP General Explicit Message' as seen below: I send the required 0xCD data via the debugger. As you see I get an error -4 which is documented as 'ENIP_WRONG_OFFSET' . I tried several buffer sizes and offsets but none of them gives a correct result. Could someone please help me on how to tackle this problem? Thanks! Ad
  4. Hello Saragani Thanks for the answer, is the driver documented and if so where can I find info on this? Thanks Ad
  5. Hello, could you please advise me on the following: I would like to approach the SD card of a Vision 130 PLC . We developed a PC program in DELPHI which controls several PLC's via MODBUS TCP. This works fine however we would like to have a native module in this program to be able to download files from the SD card (not using the SD card suite). Please advise me how to tackle this issue. Thanks, Ad
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