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  1. Hi, After downgrading my plc (7" UniStream) from UniLogic 1.23.25 to Unilogic 1.18.60 i got this error. I have tried to upgrade it to Unilogic 1.23.25 again but nothing helps. Here is an image of the error message: Please help. Thanks in advance.
  2. The system is located far away, so I do not check it every day. But I have new informajson. "Invalid date" has disappeared. However, the file name is still stored as a "random" number.
  3. For information. We have 2 systems with identical programs, both of which have the same problem. System 1: new PLS and new SD card. System 2: Was updated from 1.18.60 to 1.22.13 to 1.23.25, At version 1.22.13, I enabled SD management to keep the last 32 files. After I encountered HMI Overload problems, I updated to 1.23.25 and deleted manually the sample files, but left 20 old files on the system. I added some sample files in the attachment. Samples Invalid Date.zip
  4. That's good I also had SD Management configured before updating. But now i got a new problem. After updating to version 1.23.25 the trend viewer says "invalid date". This means that the file does not gets saved with the date as the name, but rather a increased number to the last filename. I'm waiting for response from Unitronics.
  5. Here is the feedback i got from Unitronics: "The 'HMI overload' screen you received is the consequence of loading a data sampler that its directory on the SD contains several hundreds of files. Note: when you loading a data sampler the PLC scans all the files in its directory on the SD, and in case there are too many it can cause an HMI overload. There are 2 ways I would like to suggest you: * In the newer versions of UniLogic, there is a feature called "SD management" – There you can define the maximal number of files stored for each feature. When the number of files exceeds the defined limit , it will automatically delete 1/8 of the oldest files." I updated to the newest version (1.23.25) and deleted the files, now everyting works
  6. Hi. I found where the backup files were saved, i got error code 0x80070718. The problem was that the limit on cash on offline files was full, i increased the limit and everything works Her is an guide how to fix it: https://www.vistax64.com/threads/hard-disk-drive-space-quota.92125/ Thanks!!
  7. I tried the newest UniLogic 1.23.25, and got the same problem.
  8. Hi. I got this error when i was trying to save the project. This happends every time i tried to save, even with new projects. Im using UniLogic I know its old, but i there is to many problems with CUP error and HMI overload with the newest update. Anyone that know why this happends? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi, I have updated to the new version UniLogic 1.22.13, and i have a problem. When opening a page with an Trend viewe i get an error message, "HMI Overload". The program was an updated from UniLogic 1.18.60 to UniLogic 1.22.13. Fix?
  10. Hi Dan. This i know, But then it should be informed that this corner cannot be used to have buttons and other touch elements in it. We had a problem with this when we sent a project with an button in this coner, I have now tested this on the 7" display too, and the same problem. Thanks.
  11. Hi. When do other languages get added?, i'm waiting for norwegian to get in
  12. Hi. I have found a problem with the 10" UniStream panel. If you set in an element in the corner, it will not work. I have tried this with 5 more displays, so this is not an coincidence. When will this be fixed?
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