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  1. I have a customer that is upgrading from Vision to Unistream and adding several more processes to the system. The customer also wants a 30 – 40 inch touch screen. Any suggestions out there? My first thought was a smart touch TV with an Internet Browser and use the web server. The next thought was maybe a stick computer and touch screen TV and use VNC. Open to any input about the proper way to go about this? Thanks
  2. Thank you for the feedback. I think I am going to move toward the web server application. This project Its a little more complex than driving a car. I appreciate the input Thank you.
  3. DanT Thank you for the suggestion. I think this is what the customer is after. Cheap and quick! Now as far as being able to have two screen bother control the same application. The other Customer with medium size project. In this project there are several HIM screens. He wants two operators to be able to monitor and control the process from two separate screens. Basically the second screen has independent control. They can both work on the same or different screens. I've done this before but is was not a large application. The one I did I just used EthernetIP and passed in
  4. I have a customer that has requested that we add an additional Unistream Screen to an existing system so operations personnel can now control from two locations. My original thought was to use the same graphics and the only logic in the second screen is collecting I/O. After it was collected then pass information with IP or Modbus. I am however open if there are better options. I have another customer that is looking possibly to do basically the same but on a fairly larger scale. Any insight on the best practices would greatly be appreciated. Thanks,
  5. Thank you Pista That looks like what I was after
  6. I am searching for almost the same information. I only need to print reports to a dedicated printer at the OPLC. I haven't located any information about that, any input would be appreciated. Thank you
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