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  1. This type of encoder has no electronic part inside - then only 2 contact with common wire for AB signal and NO contact for button.

    10mA 5V signal provided. As we see in US5-B5-TA30 - Input work with 24V 8mA max signal.

    Then you can use it for US5-B5-TA30 PLC but contact life is hard to predict.


    As for me - this type of encoder used inside of device mounted on pcb with minimum wire length to 5V powered MCU.

    Then better solution - use industrial grade  encoder 24VDC rated and IP65-67 design.

  2. I use two timer (0.5-1sec and 3-5sec)   powered by button contacts.

    Increment block is operated by:

    -|P|- for button -----> one increment, 

    -| |- for button and -|P|- for SB3 (1sec pulse) and -| |- for timer 1 (0.5-1sec) ------> 1sec increment,

    -| |- for button and -|P|- for SB7 (0.1sec pulse) and -| |- for timer 2 (3-5ec) --------> 0.1sec increment.

    Than single tick, slow and fast increment with ajustable changover possible.

    If use -|P|- and -|N|- for SB3 - increment time is 0.5sec.


    If user need to change many values - this method is use only two timers for all increment-decrement operations.

    User only must to operate this timers via needed buttons.


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  3. In CNC machine external hardware WatchDog is used for power off machine if something wrong happend.

    In your case you can write some code for generate cyclic watchdog reset signal on some Unistream output if MQTT is OK.

    This signal can reset external 24v powered NC timer (best way to use timer with two setpoint that generate power off and power on to Unistream +24V power supply) . 

    You can also use another output to bypass external watchdog timer if user do not use MQTT and do not need to restart.

    Or if restart happend to many times.

    One problem - set timer setpoint correctly - Unistream must have time to restart MQTT and generate  watchdog reset signal.


  4. It follows from your story - the legs are the main enemy of the brain. Anticipating a 4 hour walk, the brain found a solution.
    The PLC developers had the same opinion and therefore made automatic address switching in case of a conflict.
    Today I saw how remotely Unitronics support  can fix the Unistream brain and it also made an unforgettable impression on me.
    The main thing is that as a result everything worked.
    Therefore, I congratulate you on a reasonable solution to a complex remote task.

  5. 17 hours ago, NickButt said:

    I have three V350-35-TA24’s running identical wiring, programming, jumpers etc. They have been running trouble free for 5-6 years up until now

    Please check 24V voltage power supply on broken analog output installation.

    I case great overvoltage (5-6year power supply can do little joke) >>>28V - linear power IC (78M15) in smd package can desolder himself....


  6. I don't know how experienced you are in electronics.
    However, if you have a digital voltmeter, the only thing you can check is the 15V supply voltage of the analog output chips.
    There is a 78M15G chip on the I/ O board.
    Find the instruction for this chip and measure the power supply at its input (should be 24V) and 15V at the output. (Any quastion in PM).

    It is clear that all actions you take at your own risk.
    Probably the only thing that can be advised in your situation.
    In my experience, there have been cases of failure of just such a chip in different device.

    However, a qualified electronics technician must repair and change something in the circuit (even such "big" chip).

    The best way is to replace the PLC with a new one.

  7. https://cache.industry.siemens.com/dl/files/159/99685159/att_83708/v1/G120_Field_busses_FH17_0414_eng_en-US.pdf

    Please read p.101

    What do slave when Invalid read requests...

    And p.102 about write.

    Please check registers that you mark in your previos topic. Some of them may disable external request to slave.

    SIemens use system of binector for configure signal flow inside the device. Please check via Siemens software  signal flow from Inputs and to outputs.

    Sometimes user must to define control sorce...


  8. 1 hour ago, DanT said:

    Can you get into the UniApps  from the Screen and check the VNC Settings?

    No, screen react only for 0.2-0.5sec. and i can only change System, Network, Utilites menu but no information  prsent.

    Connecting frame run on screen. UniApps start not posible. All touch is interrupted by  Connecting frame. Also try with mouse... no result.

  9. USP -070-B10 panel used as VNC client started with black screen.

    I prepare recovery DOK with 1.28.58 firmware as this version it used for program PLC with the same panel+CPU as server.

    After sucessfull recovery - USP -070-B10 show Connecting  frame and do not connect with server PLC.

    I try to disable VNC client mode but as i see it is not possible. Connecting frame still on screen.

    I can select System, Network, Utilites at time approx 0.5 sec after start and Connecting screen lock all function.

    Machine work with server PLC but remote panel do not work now. Maybe something wrong with settings now but i can't chane it.

    Unilogic say Download and Online mode are not supported for USL and Unistream PLC's acting as ones.


    Any idea? Maybe i lost something in manual or help?

    How to disable VNC on USP?


    P/S Change firmware for another version do not change panel behavior.

  10. Hi, try this checklist:

    - wire swap A & B;

    - check - is it V700 and Energy Analyzer correct  in master-slave mode;

    - configure com port and disable all modbus send net. Connect V700 A&B wires to PC - Energy Analyzer RS485net.  Go to info mode and try monitor RS485 packets via V700 com port.

     If you see something correct than port and speed connection is OK.

    - try to activate Modbus and check via Info mode - what is go from V700 and from Energy Analyzer;

    - try to use single Modbus command activated by button and  check Modbus status.


    As i see you try to read MF 44 direct via modbus.

    On forum is present topics with Energy Meters float read via Modbus issue - maybe in your case some tips and tricks with two MI to MF convertion  needed.

    Please post Energy Analyzer model.


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  11. I have 1210 with the same behavior (but via standard connection). After some time  (approx half year) PLC start with black screen and beeps. 

    After some investigation (with Unitronics support) found problem in grafic chip soldering. After resolder chip - all ok.


    Maybe it is not the same issue...

    If Ldr 0x000001B0 code is the same in all Stop Mode cases  - please check it via Visilogic Find Subroutine By Ladder error code in Edit menu.




  12. Hi,

    As for me - best solution for this type of application (CUT to LENGTH or object positioning )  : 

    - send different fixed setpoint configured in VFD menu (i use two setpoint FAST and SLOW) via Modbus (for safety i allow user change this settings only when VFD is disabled  and appication is in STOP MODE) ;

    - select one of this  setpoints and RUN/STOP condition via PLC output and VFD logic input .


    Modbus connection may be lost if EMI from  VFD present. Correct grounding, shielding and wiring needed for smooth connection.

    Slow Modbus speed is solution but sometimes due to connection error information is not come to VFD also.


    Sometimes i configure FAST STOP INPUT in VFD and use it for SAFETY if encoder overtravel error possible.

  13. Combine Aus idea with linearization, some compare nets and PWM can realase visual effect with normal blink, fast blink before end of time and constant LIGHT when time is over.

    As for me normal blink must be active at the all normal process time. Faster blink  must be active only before time near finishing and this blink must not befaster then twice as normal.

    I build this idea on plastic welder machine. Only one GREEN LAMP and  two button is present on operator panel of this old machine.

    And user know when process go to the end by fast lamp blink.

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