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  1. Please see in this menu Project/Option Default Unilogic settings downloaded to you PLC when you try to download project. This is my settings. You maybe see another numbers...
  2. Yes, it is maybe one of the best solution, Aus. By the way, Up2-oil pump i offered by manufacturer in closed loop preprogrammed pressure variant. https://www.clarksol.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/UP2.pdf in another jabsco pump we see 15 max minutes working time limitation due to overheat! We do not know that the developers of this design have an end goal. What precision should be obtained,what costs of equipment are acceptable and what working time is predetermined? However, I believe that the primary purpose of our communication is to help
  3. Please post diagram of panel and modules Power line connection. Or post foto. Please check status LED on modules in normal and ERROR mode. Is it any VFD or servo present in control cabinet?
  4. Hi, in this document http://www.crydom.com/en/products/catalog/1-dc-series-dc-panel-mount.pdf present information about for D1D40 and D1D12 module with MOSFET OUTPUT. Recomended max PWM Frequency D1D40<=950Hz, D1D12<=4000Hz. But in this manual present - max frequency supported on Resistive loads only. Please try to use aprox 800Hz and 3000Hz Inductive loads must be diode suppresed (see in manual "Wiring manual"). Please ask your electronic workshop about this. You can replace motor with 12V automotive LAMP and test you application - You will see LAMP wi
  5. I think you're right, Aus! That is why I tried to ask the author of the topic about the hardware present in the system from the beginning.
  6. Please post to topic solid state relay type and motor nameplate. As i see you place 1Hz PWM Frequency to MI 103 and MI105 for the DC or AC type motor it is really slow. Please note - this Frequency must be apropriate for solid state relay, and relay must be compatible to used motor type. In PWM control you do not need change PWM Frequency in program (It must be constant = powerup value). Only Duty Cycle MI104 or MI106 must be changed from 0 = 0 speed, 1000 = max speed. If you post solid state relay nameplate and motor nameplate - i will try to recommend you
  7. In my case Java implemented software crashed when user try to Save as option in file menu. No error generated - opened software window and "save as" dialog dissapeared from screen. I found more then 3 application with this behavior on two machine. Win10 OEM (single language - Ukraine) preinstalled on Asus Vivo. Another one puter - Win10 OEM Prof on the same another Asus. Next gen CPU in second one.
  8. Please explane oip pump setup: Power sorce? Pump power (kW)? Driver for pump type? Model if driver is integrated to the pump? Connection Samba output to the drive. PWM on Samba can be configured via hardware setting and operated by changing Duty Cycle value 0-1000 in MI. You only need to STORE Duty CYcle to the MI - in sample scren MI1, PWM Frequency MI0 and Run MB0=1 for PWM HSO activation. You do not need PWM block in ladder. It used when PWM Frequency is below 1Hz.
  9. You must be careful with external power for JZ PRG. Please add recommended by manual resistor to + line. Inside JZ PRG is present 5V Zener diode betwen + and GND. You maybe use JZ20 with internal USB - PC connection? In this case USB and JZ - PRG mus do not be used for connection at the same time (see manual). You must prepare USB disconnected test via LCD. Please try to use for programming JZ PRG (with different wiring). This help to do JZ-PRG port testing. For test you can connect TXD and RXD on PLC side and try to send messages and recieve it (tes
  10. Yes, it is the same. Main problem is to manage correct network parameter on Zebra printer via Zebra software. You can print internal Network Configuration Label If you need to use internal Zebra font, simple grafic or generate bar code please see link to online lable generator in my topic
  11. You post your topic on UniLogic Software forum section, do you also need to shift to Unesrteam hardware? If you stay at Visilogic - please found V700 Ethernet printer sample project in Help/Examples/Version900/Porject examples/Communication/Ehternet directory.
  12. You must use Export PLC operand to txt (or bin) and upload all operand from old PLC battery backed RAM. Then import it to new PLC. You also must upload data tables from old panel if it present in project. Then download it to the new one. P.S. 1) Please check all jampers on motherboard and snap in boards befor replace. 2) I do not recommend this for you application, But sometimes i must replace new "motherboard" in new PLC for old one. This is useful when some hardware + software lock is present in program or upload project is not possible. If har
  13. This is maybe main problem. You can use simple increment counter from 0 to (N-1) --- N -node number. This counter must be incremented by SB timer. Then use simple comparators for enable command for nodes reading step by step. But you must realase in all nodes "send on request" communication.
  14. PLC node 1 need password... By the way. As i see - your send commands via UNICAN work with the system bit timer activation. If time for transmission information is to short - you cannot read some nodes. Maybe you must program sequence for read each node with some time gap or read next node if information from previos is sended to main PLC.
  15. Hi, i use some models industrial vision camera sensor with onboard processing and logic. (Wenglor, Autonics, Cognex ect.) As for me PLC like Samba can switch up to 16 (32+) proccesing pattern inside camera via Ethernet (modbus ect.) and test via logic input "0" or "1" on camera logic output. This is simple and fast solution. But the main problem - find vision camera sensor with needed processing algorithms (like color, distance, shape or another parameter) and appropriate speed. Some of the vision camera sensor need to be external triggered and use external light for correct pr
  16. Hi, I try to it look like useful.... but some Java implemented app and many other specific application was closed or crashed, sometimes even if i try to sw to another folder. Deleted renamed folder - all restart without problem. I spent some time figuring out what's wrong. One of the programmer forum participants gave a hint ... So you have to be careful using this "magic wand". :)
  17. Maybe only language can be changed via String Library from 1536 to 1584 rows. But appropriate font with the same as default font parameters must be installed.
  18. Hi AlexUT, I know about card and controller capacity limitations and format limitations. Especially about Siemens :) There will be a problem with the small capacity card in the future. It's just a matter of time. Last week I was looking for a new CF 128MB card for the machine (2009). It must be formatted only in FAT. It's now impossible to find them smaller than 4GB. The Unitronics controller now meets the requirements for card use, but 1TB cards are already flooding the market. Therefore, the search for solutions for the use of new large memory cards in control
  19. This is my simple protocol configuration for zebra motorola LS2208 barcode scanner. You can use numbers placed in vector copy MI150 (in my sample), if you scan another barcode it will be replaced (MI50 to MI150 copy vector) P.S. But maybe moderator can place this part of topic separately.
  20. Hi, As decleared in https://unitronicsplc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/IO-RO8_L-5408-0051-9.pdf I0-R08 has 12VDC option ----- I0-R08L. The main issue with expansion = P-ON condition. Both - PLC controller and EX-A1+IO-R08 IO must be powered from the same power supply. By the way if you power M91-2-R1 and EX-A1+I0-R08L from 12V 1. Both the OPLC and the EX-A1 must be connected to the same power supply. The EX-A1 and the OPLC must be turned on and off simultaneously. 2. The 12VDC power supply is supported by versions V2.00 (EX-A1) and later.
  21. It may be necessary in the future to allow the formatting of large cards into a small capacity (limit its capabilities to FAT32 accordingly). If it is possible to do it at all with new large capacity cards. Alternatively, add an card format option to PLC info mode (uni app) functionality. P.S. It has been done in drives that replace 1.44fdd. They format the flash media themselves into 100 small virtual disks.
  22. You can use delta software http://www.deltaww.com/services/DownloadCenter2.aspx?secID=8&pid=2&tid=0&CID=06&itemID=060201&typeID=1&downloadID=B2+Series&title=B2+Series&dataType=8;&check=1&hl=en-US and try to check data flow from and to drive via SAMBA port monitor in SAMBA info mode. But i do not know about delta software connection to the drive. If it is via RS485 - you can use SAMBA for monitoring.
  23. You can scan barcode by Protocol FB. Scanned barcode is replaced by another one in buffer if you try to scan another barcode. There is several options in this process: 1) Barcode 1 = Barcode 2. User can scan barcode 1 (or barcode 2) two times and it is wrong solution. 2) Barcode 1 not equal Barcode 2 but these two barcodes is an assembly unit - you can scan it and find a row in DTI where another one barcode is present. 3) Use two barcode scanner with different positions (stationary) connected to different com ports. Parts scanned if it fit correctly. 4) Barcode
  24. I think that to communicate with the instrument you do not need to worry about the checksum when receiving messages. The key is to make sure that the entire message is received (checksum as a number and also {} as characters) and that each part of it is correctly written to a variable. You will be able to transmit all the values you need and then you can start experimenting with a checksum to ensure a guaranteed transmission.
  25. I used this little samle for read non standard protocol from power supply. Message with different length easly read in to MI vector. PROT_FB.vlp
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