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  1. In one of my projects, I measured the length of the material using an encoder. The customer initially wanted to print the measurement results on a thermal printer (Zebra GK420d) locally and be able to view the status remotely over the network. However, after buying Samba SM35-J-T20 and conducting tests, he wanted to implement reading the order number using a barcode scanner. I could not install the optional com port because it was replaced by a network adapter. After testing with the printer, I found that it only needed two wires GND and TX. The barcode scanner (LS2208 RS
  2. Is it RX-TX cable connected properly? In Example you can see 570 modbus loopback test project with modbus setup for one V570 with two rs232 port connected TX-RX, RX-TX. Use this example for test connection with two device. Both of them can be master or slave on different com port.
  3. V350_PID simple demo.VLP V120_PID_motorized_valve_output_with_physical_feedback.vlp in Examples
  4. It is one more testing method for your USB-to-serial adapter. Please download terminal program (like hercules ect...). Plug USB-to-serial adapter to USB port and temporary connect 2 to 3 pin together. If you send some characters from terminal you will recieve it back if this adapter is operational. Then you can test wires that go to Jazz PRG at the same way. (connect RX + TX line together by wire without Jazz PRG).
  5. Please read this https://unitronicsplc.com/Download/SoftwareHelp/U90LadderKnowledgebase/Communications/Direct_Communications-_PC_to_PLC.htm You can see that jazz PRG use pin 1 and 6 for PWR. Maybe USB-to-serial adapter do not offer correct power supply to Jazz PRG. The connection may start and disappear due to insufficient power to the adapter. USB-to-serial adapter usually uses a low power converter based on the capacitors to generate output signals, so it may not be able to power the Jazz PRG programmer. Please see this and use more pin connected to PWR line
  6. kratmel


    20.20.20 20/ 02/20 ???? It's a pity, we have only 12 months on Earth Maybe we lost 20.20.20 02/02/02 or 20.02.20 20/02/20
  7. Thank you Joe! :) is used for isolate board and fit board to Jazz PRG dimention. You won't believe it, but a broken arduino + chip for correct galvanic isolation works as a programmer or PC232 port. The main task was to create a CNC machine based on Jazz and the free Arduino GRBL CNC conrtoller based on a stepper motor. It installed to Jazz like JazzPRG. It had to perform only two standard movements but with a complex 2D trajectory. Everything works ... Jazz 10 replace original old puter and ISA CNC card in it!
  8. I tried to research this port and the original programming adapter for my own needs. Making your own is probably possible (and I even managed to do it with the USB interface- on foto), but there are two major problems - there is a 3.3 volt communication port in the PLC that requires a mandatory galvanic isolation that is in the original adapter. Therefore, I recommend listening to the above. You should use the standard devices listed in the topic for programming this PLC.
  9. This is string library and String from library in object text proprties. Please read visilogic help. But you must use HMI---Font handler if you need specific language in string text (like cyrilic).
  10. Good advice! But... Generally operand export must be performed when setup and fine tuning for all parameters is done. It is the last step in my PLC programming job. That is the main problem : sometimes you can not know correct value for all operand when project is downloaded to PLC. And i think - PLC operand export is not useful integration option (p.1 ) . But in Properties--Messages for ask or not ask user to import operand values from the files after download project is good idea. P.S. Operand description and operand value is exported separatly.
  11. It is good if you can change CANopen status of drive. In my first CANopen project i try to read or write only one parameter. The real problem - understand how to calculate correct mapping for all data. This problem present for drive side and PLC side. Better way is to use default drive side mapping and adapt PLC mapping in the same way. After this model is operational - you can change driver side CANopen register configuration and test nonstandard mapping. Another topic with my first steps project. You can see how to use struct for send TPDO and RPDO You must
  12. Please read this topic and try to download my small example for CANopen. You must read Yaskawa CAN module and drive documents, modify settings and setup communication. After that configure PDO mapping in drive and PLC.
  13. I always check all the settings used, and if it goes beyond the range, the default is loaded. Yes that's cumbersome, but as a result, it saves me time in future. After all settings is done, I use Export PLC operand to the file and use Import PLC operand if user does something wrong. When a recipes present in project - user can use #1 to #N table row #0 row used as default value that is possible to correct only with password entered.
  14. I try to correct your code, please check MI4,MI5.......vector in simulation mode It is working part of my project on pic. 232Test_KR.vlp
  15. Please go to the V700 info mode, then choose SERIAL and MONITORING. Select PORT2 You can see what is sended from the computer to the panel RX buffer. If you see in panel RX correct message - you have wrong checksum calculated. Try another one from list.
  16. One quastion: Is it in V700 installed card for port2? Note: V700 has only Port1 onboard and if USB is connected port 1 is disabled.
  17. I use this solution for correct display distance MF4 (mm) in 0.1mm on display (ML4). You can modify this for 0.01 MF1 = distance ( mm) in FLOAT
  18. One of possible way - assign some ON touch hidden key (or keys) on screen (small, flat and the same color as the display) - this key or many key's (named "SET touch prop flag" for one touch). Control Room operator must touch it before use some touch element. If touch element activated - "SET touch prop flag" RESET. local operator can only watch the PLC screen - it cannot see the mouse cursor. If one hidden combination password entered ( more than 3 different hidden touch - like temporary password) - Control Room operator give to the local some time (by timer)
  19. Thanks for the good tips Joe, Aus . I did some testing on the above problem. The main thing that I understood - in fact, I can not get a new coordinate faster than completing the read data from the servo. I laid this principle as a basis and I managed to determine the direction of travel without interrupt. Given that the direction is 1 bit, changing it to 1 or 0 is the extreme point of movement up or down, respectively. This method gives a stop error for the time of the drive deceleration. However, it does not actually affect the process. I tried to refuse automatic up-and-d
  20. OPLC V1040 is used for control Lenze 8400 Highline servo drive. Position of vertically moved linear axis is measured by servo drive encoder and translated to the panel via CANopen. Drive use his own logic for continuous UP - DOWN move changeover. Now only START and STOP command sended to the drive via CANopen. AXIS is connected with 500kBps speed and moved with 0.8m/s max speed. I need to build programmed limit switch (PLS) for control machine valves depending of axis position. It must be switched separately. PLS in UP and DOWN move is different. Now i have 32bit absolute axi
  21. Maybe use images for animation is as large as can be for SAMBA 7 But you must make some ladder for image manipulation.
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