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  1. It is sound like Watchdog try to restart system. Maybe you must try to remove battery and check it. If U<3V replace it. Try to restart, if not - try to go to info mode.
  2. What with communication cable shielding? Connected according to the manual? Is it shielded cable used for motor connection? Is it VFD and shielded motor cable correctly grounded? Is it communication OK when VFD is stopped?
  3. I like flyback diode built-in connector or very close to the coil
  4. You know the maximum engine speed. In the driver, set analog output parameters so that it has 10V when the engine rotates at maximum revolutions per minute (rpm). Next, in the Samba controller, use the linearization block and convert the maximum value of the analog input code to the maximum engine speed you have. See help chapter Linearizing an Analog Input Value.
  5. PDO work with fast RAM of the drive. SDO work with EEPROM. It is much slower. I'm not familiar with software used for i550 configuration but you need it for embed needed parameter to PDO message. One question: maybe you do not need CANopen? Samba has two analog input and i550 has two analog outputs. You can configure needed parameter (like speed or current) to 2 analog output and measure it by samba analog input.
  6. For run sample you must set on drive CANopen speed and CANopen ID=3 or 4 Samba in 1 rung has ID=1. Sample program send NMT telegram "Start Remote Node" to all nodes configured in CANopen configuration
  7. Example Please read manual for i550 to find CANopen setup https://inverterdrive.com/file/Lenze-i550-45kW-Manual p.186 explaine drive settings. In the default setting, the inverter is configured as slave and waits for the NMT telegram "Start Remote Node" from the master/host system after being switched on. In example present first step that is used for Start-stop remote node. No data transmision - only node activation. Please read Canopen chapter in visilogic help to find how to change slave settings in sample program. You must run communication with
  8. Chemical processes with which I am not very familiar use powerful power supplies. Each of them is now controlled by the Samba installed in a sealed box. Everything that is programmed in it is a mode of operation that varies according to time. The customer's request is to ensure that even a power cut is recorded as an alarm, but only when it exceeds 15 minutes. This is the case in this production that the power supply network often disappears due to weather conditions. However, the automation returns power and this power return process can last longer than the processing technolog
  9. I'm faced with a task that I can not implement yet. We have a chemical process that is controlled by a PLC (Samba). It lasts more than 24 hours. If the power fails, then it's possible to continue it normally only for 15 minutes without energy. After a switch-off period of more than 15 minutes, the process must be interrupted. It is clear that I need to copy the clock values to the variable every minute, and then, after re-switching on the power, compare the time passed with the value of 15 minutes. The question is how to calculate the shutdown duration, since the real-tim
  10. Have you ever worked with the CANopen network? Are you familiar with the way how to create messages in the parameters for transmitting information from the frequency converter? Is the converter running alone or already connected to the CANopen network? I have simple examples for control Lenze 8400 drive. However, they need to be modified for your converter. At the same time, you need to study how the device itself is configured and how to change these settings to work through the network. The factory settings are foreseeing the transfer of current speed, but the analog output p
  11. Usually I have problems with weight cells only. They failed due to mechanical damage or shock load on the weight device. Did you test the replacement of a module with bad behavior into a good module from a system that works fine? Is it possible that there is a source of electromagnetic interference near the device?
  12. I was able to run remote control using the FB protocol. The main problem was to understand how to send bytes in the correct order. I found the solution in the topic - send a stream from MI vector. Below, I show how the message "65" for #15 Modbus power supply has been generated: 111 three bytes of message, 22 checksum. The result in the terminal window is 15 65 1 176 83. I am currently working on programming the power management interface. Thanks again for the help. P.S Checksum in FB Protocol that is used --- CRC-16_B , CRC-16_L - gives the revers
  13. I have the same problem with second hand V120. After some manipulation with no result i disconnect the battery for some time. After that i make the hard reset. For V130 it is possible solution By the way i see in visilogic for new vision SB314 bit. This bit lock visilogic communication. In V130 it is no comment for this bit. I do not know it active or not for V130. But it is possible that bit is accidentally set in project and make problem with communication without any note.
  14. Even the Visilogic asks for update the settings in the tables. Microsoft does not ask ... it overwrites 💾
  15. Thank you Joe Now i have a direction where I need to move. The main thing is to make it possible to switch the power supply to the remote control mode. Now I'm already able to set the parameters, but I need to turn it on and off without using the switch on the front. I think your tip will help and everything will work.
  16. Sorry for "links", it is just copy past from msword document (I tryed to make plain text but can not do that - if it possible please correct to plain text). Description of 65-67 user function commands in attached pdf. In txt - copy from online log window on PC for this commands, 68 and 69 do not use by program running on a computer with Win7 OS. I see it in online log window. It used only by manufacturer for power supply modules configuration. RS485 engl.pdf 65_67log.txt
  17. Program tested on V1040 - the same issue present. STORE to another MI make correct variable indication. But why original prog do not work??? I try to use original prog and delete trend - indication is correct. I use another stored MI in trend and indication is correct also.
  18. Please try to store MI3 to another one and place it as MI to display on not correct screen.
  19. I need to control the power supply unit for the galvanic process through the Modbus RTU network via Vision PLC. Now for network operation, the power supply uses non-standard Modbus user function 65-69 and a program running on a computer with Win7 OS. I have a detailed description of these user function commands 65 - ModBus_GetDeviceInfo 66 - ModBus_GetStatus 67 - ModBus_SetLimitsAndPower 68 - ModBus_GetAddonStatus (65 -68 edited by mod to not be "links", see below) 69 – ModBus_SetAddon but as far as I know, it's not possible to modify the standard Modbus
  20. I tried to change the settings through the info Mode in the V1040 panel (com2 for example 57600>to>9600, RS232>to>RS485). After confirming settings, i tried to restart the panel - the settings remained unchanged (9600, RS485 - new setting is active). The question remains: is it possible to use com port in OPLC without COM init block in the program? Visilogic Help say - COM init needed for communication. Com init block change default com settings (preset in info Mode) to user defined. Maybe If changes not needed this block is optional. I will try to do s
  21. I have not tried and yet do not know if it is possible to use the built-in com port without initialization in the program. Perhaps this will work using the settings that are available in the info Mode window of the panel itself. There are all settings present in info Mode for all ports. Modbus must configured by Is it solution Flex727, Ausman? What do you think about this?
  22. Maybe it is problem with driver :( Only prolific supported. https://support.unitronics.com/index.php?/selfhelp/view-article/unistream-and-usb-serial-device https://support.unitronics.com/index.php?/selfhelp/view-article/what-type-of-usb-device-can-be-connected-to-the-usb-host-port-of-the-unistream https://support.unitronics.com/index.php?/selfhelp/view-article/UniStream-and-communication-with-3rd-party-devices
  23. In this chapter is present only RS232 and Ethernet connection. Please describe you configuration. As i see in your manual mm0p must have communication addon module for RS232 and Ethernet connection. The RS232/Ethernet interfaces on the configurable control system PNOZmulti are used to -Download the project -Read the diagnostic data -Set virtual inputs for standard functions -Read virtual outputs for standard functions. The interfaces are integrated into the PNOZmulti base units. ThePNOZmulti Mini base units do not have an integrated interface, but a c
  24. As i see in manual http://www.eltron.pl/uploads/manufacturer_catalogs/16/10342/INSTRUKCJA_OBSLUGI_PNOZmulti_mini.pdf pilz PNOZ mm0p - used USB port only for download project via commisioning software. I think it is impossible to conect this typ of pilz safety module to Unistream. This pilz PNOZ safety PLC is standalone device with dual processor operation working with downloaded via card or usb project. No networking option is offered by manufacturer for this device, or you choosed wrong pilz model.
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