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  1. As i see in manual http://www.eltron.pl/uploads/manufacturer_catalogs/16/10342/INSTRUKCJA_OBSLUGI_PNOZmulti_mini.pdf pilz PNOZ mm0p - used USB port only for download project via commisioning software. I think it is impossible to conect this typ of pilz safety module to Unistream. This pilz PNOZ safety PLC is standalone device with dual processor operation working with downloaded via card or usb project. No networking option is offered by manufacturer for this device, or you choosed wrong pilz model.
  2. Application of a ball bearing as a sliding bearing with some noise effect...
  3. I tested it, in table on HMI rearrangement is possible. But on this topic, we have developed a way to do this in the table STRUCTS. It is very uncomfortable to look for the required column for comparison with another column. Sometimes the table is not present and is not required on the HMI screen. At least in visilogic it is possible to duplicate column to the desired position. Perhaps creators can add this feature in future versions of the UniLogic.
  4. I tried to investigate how the expansion adapter EX-A2X bus was built. Standard CMOS logic push-pull output with 5V power supply used. So I think that it will work through a longer shielded wire. Especially if the expansion units are placed in a metal cabinet. Also, I encountered the option of placing expansion blocks on a metal plate similar to the additional door. The blocks were placed on both side - half stood on the rail in front, and half behind. Long extender is not needed in this case. I liked the access that provided the folding door in the cabinet. But maybe in small
  5. In critical application is used two or more duplicated PLC and it programs check each others. I has worked with old simatic S5 in this configuration. Another solution provided by Pilz is safety PLC with special double processor operation. It is used in cutting machine to validate of installed main PLC operation. In CNC - PLC watchdog led OFF is the main indicator of normal PLC operation. But no automatic reset possible in this case. Sometime user whant to install separate "Ethernet Reset Button" (Power OFF/ON) for reset system from remote position if PLC need to resta
  6. I try to Export struct to excel file + rearrange by insert blank rows and copy past or cut paste (i tryed to add rows with column name and data type in *.xls manualy also) + import to struct . Maybe it not simple but it works. Another solution is to duplicate all Member in needed sequence and after duplicating delete all source Member. This is not correct Member = Member1 after duplicate. But this method not need export import operation.
  7. Sorry it was applicable only in standard (visilogic like non indexed) Data table. Maybe create new DTI with diferent column arangement and use LF: Copy Column to Column in DTI.
  8. Duplicate column to new position + delete column+ rename new column. Export to excel file + rearrange + import to Data Table .
  9. Maybe you need to switch off automatic homing in drive and perform homing by software step by step for each drive like in CNC machine where next axis is homed when previos is in home position. In this case you guarantee that system is know zero positions and you can test it in automatic mode.
  10. Sometimes in cable one signal is transmitted by two conductor in two diferent twisted pairs. It work for short but do not work for long distance. You must test - is the the separated twisted pairs used for two signal acording to manual.
  11. One of the reasons why your CANopen network can't starts your drivers is the inability to simultaneously transfer data to drivers during drivers startup, because drivers startup duration can not be accurately determined. I do not know how the settings are made in the driver, but you definitely need to make changes to the 7-01 parameter. It is also possible to change the startup option of the zero point search at the time of activation of 6-01 and to set the correct way to find the zero point. Please see ch. Homing data set for absolute movements in driver user manual.
  12. As i see in project Main Routine Net 2 - no homing process for node 12 present. (Axis R). Is it OK? Maybe you need to add one more Reset coil -(R)- 7534 home complet Node12 to net 2.
  13. Do you read this document? https://unitronicsplc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/V100-17-ET2_S_TECH-SPEC_10-13.pdf Two type of cable pinout used for this module for different connection type.
  14. Please try to found fingerprint access control for vehicle, moto or forklift. It present in 12 and 24VDC version. It can be managed by discrete input and output for add and delete user fingerprint. It need no special software.
  15. Maybe it is possible to do it "offline" and use static table n х k.???
  16. Please note P00.06 - sorce A frequency command selection P00.07 - sorce B frequency command selection P00.09 Combination of the setting source - it is need to be correct configured. Maybe you use another setpoint sorce. Also check P00.01 run command channel.
  17. Maybe solution is ISD multi message chip http://www.electronics-lab.com/project/voice-recordplayback-module-using-isd1932-isd1964/
  18. Please note - some device use 380V to 24V transformer and do not use neutral conductor. Standard switch mode supply use 100-270VAC input. Than you must use 380 to 220V transformer and standard switch mode supply. Or use 3ph 380VAC to 24VDC industrial switch mode supply.
  19. If there are many free relay outputs, I try to do duplicate outputs for responsible tasks. That is, on the same function I use two outputs. Ideally if they are twice as needed. Then, at the time of delivery of the new controller, the user can itself rearrange the wire to the backup output. For simplicity, one of the contacts of two relays with the same functions is connected by a conductor. And accordingly, no reprogramming is required. For inputs I did one backup input which user can enable in parallel with one of any available. But here is the condition that it must be foreseen that t
  20. As we see - it is broken screen on the top left. Sensor on display maybe is "touched by self" - so this screen mode is activate. Or as Flex727 say - it is battery issue.
  21. One of control box before upgrade, Little Jazz is very helpful in this case.
  22. You can use database option for M91 PLC. 1024 MI database present. Sample project - in program help topic. As for me - user can choose stable water amount. Like 0.1L 0.5L 1L 1.5L ect. If you offer to user standart numbers - you can calculate how many user choose each one. And this option do not use a lot of memory. If you has collect amounts of standard water amount, than use simple math = overal whater quantity. And you can download it to U90ladder program like database or see it on display.
  23. Direct resolver connection to Unitronics PLС high speed inputs is not possible. Resolver to Digital Converter must be used. Like this: http://www.jvl.dk/files/_2011clean/pdf/ld038gb.pdf
  24. Better use "POWER LED" :). No fuse needed.
  25. Is it flayback diode installed on solenoid cirquit?
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