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  1. Now in standard configuration you have only ONE com port1.

    This can be  used for USB connection (Visilogic) or for Modbus connection via RS485.  Simultanosly use for Visilogic connection and modbus is not possible for ONE port!

    Now after Ethernet card installation you can connect to Visilogic  via Ethernet.

    Correct IP and PLC name must be entered to Visilogic Communication & OS settings.

    Then you can use PLC Port 1 for Modbus. Please note - RS485 must be set by jamper inside PLC. Correct wire A and B must be connected to RS485 port.

    Only after correct hardware setup you can check Modbus status via Visilogic Ethernet connection.


    P.S.  Best solution - use Unitronics UMI VFD with integrated Modbus support in Visilogic.

    ALL in ONE software VFD automatic SETUP - only correct RS485 hardware settings needed.  

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  2. I recommend  to do table  of component that you use in your installation. And sort it by manufacturers.

    Then visit site where this component (free or not) element database present, You can see what software is suported by manufacturers.

    Then try to check  licences price for this software and futures provided.

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  3. Hi,

    Some quastions:

    1) Is it speed and 8E1 (simens default) settings  commisioned corectly in V350 com settings?

     2) Is it G120 setpoint channel sw. = Modbus, Control channel = Modbus?

    3) Is it G120 correctly commisioned and all self autotune done and all autotune settings written to the drive . Drive do not allow to net control before autotune done (default).

    4) What is with modbus status when command was send?


    maybe this document is useful:


    chapter Verifying the Installation


  4. Results...

    This project is delayed by lockdown...

    And now all problem with PLS (Programmed limit sw.)  is solved. Machine run without problem  for 24/7.

    After some test i find the way to easly check UP and DN direction. And all 8  PLS is divided to 8UP PLS and 8 DN PLS and stored to recipie.

    STOP in UP and DOWN is performed via Aus  idea - but the main problem is to get information about direction.

    This is  some part of code used in my project. Main idea - use scan time for data manipulation.   

    Position copy from CAN DW1 must be placed after Compare blocks.  




  5. 2 hours ago, John_R said:

    Two used modules in the trash

    This, in my opinion, has some logical explanation.
    There is something that the module does not like in your installation.
    And this is likely to happen again.
    Having faulty modules in hands - I would try to understand the reason analyzing the internal scheme.
    Therefore, if such a module worked for a long time and broke - you also need to change the sensors that are connected to it.
    It is not too expensive but it is usually a cause of breakage.

    If the module is installed in a new installation and fails - usually an error in installation, connection, power supply and grounding.

  6. If Flex tips is tested

    4 hours ago, Flex727 said:

    not stepping on MB 1244-1248 in either PLC.

    Please try to do:

    1) Declare MB vector in struct  for 56 bits or better for 64 bits - mayby empfy bits is not problem in your application.

    2) Use another struct in both PLC for collect MB to MI vector (and back in another PLC) and try to send it - idea use only ML and MI in UPD RAW.

    3) Maybe this MB1244-1248 is used for -|p|- in program and it changes is to fast for fix in struct.

  7. On another SAMBA you can use the same program with the same sensors without problem?

    Then maybe something wrong with PLC...

    I recommend: replace battery, init & reset PLC, download blank project, download your project --- Result?

    Last chance - replace firmware via visilogic...


    P.S. You change green connector to another one for test?



    9 hours ago, AlexUT said:

    2. It is not recommended to exchange board.

    It is only temporary for find what is wrong.

  8. On all my PC with Win XP,7,10 and Android in all Mozilla, Chromium, Opera i found some strange pic on forum pagesforum_trouble.thumb.JPG.c99539d62592ecbaa873a37ef7019ee5.JPG.

    Quastion to staff - something wrong happend or forum go to another platform... ect.....?

    Bold highlight for new answer in topic on the right not present....  :(


  9. 14 hours ago, Ausman said:


    experiments result for V350 and V1040 OPLC:

    1) SB112 on both fixed with 0 in all condition (maybe some Unitronics staff can explane how this bit react);

    2) SB113 =1 if USB port on PLC is powered from PC or other device (i test with PC usb and 5V smartfone charger);

    3) if    Ignore Break checkbox is NOT selected on port1 configuration in project or in PLC INFO MODE it is possible to connect to PLC via USB

    on all present speed in Communication & OS menu.

    (Please note that correct com port must be selected - see for correct one  in PC Device manager. It must be lost and found if PLC to PC USB cable disconnect an connect.)

    4) If Ignore Break checkbox is SELECTED - error (206) is appear if i try to connect to PLC via USB  when  communication setting  is not the same ( changed

    via info mode or inside project COM port1 configuration).  

    5) I configure COM port1 to 9600, 8n1 via project, select Ignore Break checkbox - then download to PLC for example on 115200speed.  After that i can connect to the PLC only on 115200 speed.  All another speed select in Communication & OS menu - error (206).


  10. 5 hours ago, Patrick said:

    batteries will go flat, power will fail, and no matter how smart the system may be, an idiot will find a way to screw it up.

    Than you have some option without data table:

    1) use Vision controller with SD card and save log file to SD card.

    2) use external controller with communication option to store data via Samba digital I/O, com or Eternet port.

    Something like this


    3) use networking to send information on remote storage.

    4) use CCTV camera with remote datalogging for fix all user action :)


    But the best solution is to examine Samba installation for back EMF, EMI and grounding issue.

    I install several Samba and Vision on different machine. If some of them

    5 hours ago, Patrick said:

    got stuck

    I found external problem with system setup and no problem in PLC. 

    Than Download and burn option used and some selftesting ladder performed for correct data to the normal basic (factory) settings if battery replace needed.

    Info mode is disabled via SI.

    All user data and procedures is printed on paper, laminated and fixed inside control box. 

  11. For position contol with high speed pneumatic actuator you must use Axis controller provided by actuator manufacturer.

    It was expensive solution with high speed proportional valve and controller with analog or digital setpoint.

    For example


    You can set position setpoint to controller and read it from sensor (or from controller).

    Yes you can use interrupt routine and setup some ladder code but for precise position control via pneumatic actuator High speed  PID servo loop needed.

    It is not present in V570.

    Than you must setup some pneumatic flow control valve for reduce  actuator speed or use pneumatic Axis controller for high speed operation.

  12. Yes, it is tested solution. Joe Tauser post this solution in forum topic.

    I use it for select powder coating gun position when different item is moving on a conveyor and mesuring station is before powder guns.

    I also manage bit vector copy for ON-OFF gun when no item is placed on conveyor.

    On this screen you can see illustration of automatic program selection via bit vector copy. Green LED - conveyor sensor, Blue - item sensor.   



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