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  1. 3 hours ago, AlexUT said:

    Why you supply link to France site?

    Sorry, but it is listed before any unitronics link. :)That is happend with many unitronics pdf search.

    By the way in  IO&COM for Vision section of Unitroinics Technical Library do not present any info about new URB IO option supported by new Visilogic 9.8.91.

    It is only in Visilogic Version changes info and after some new update this info is "lost" in the bottom of this pdf.

    Maybe link to new IO futures mus be placed  I/O & COM for Vision™ & M91™.

  2. 4 hours ago, Ausman said:

    Remember DOS all on one?

    Yes, i still use it  and it help to make some $$$.  :)

    My favorite - German version MS DOS 5.0 - 1990 year. - so many machine installation with this version. 

    I have "black box" with FDD, FFD emulator, USB-FDD, some ISA cards and my oldest PC -486 inside - to make some homework with it.

    This is my oldest disk. But i do not have FDD for this super large disk. If someone know where is possible to find - i ready to pay some $. :)

    It came with old CNC.



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  3. Maybe I'm wrong and this problem is solved.
    But after reading a help about modems built into Unitronics controllers, I found two points that probably explain the behavior of the Jazz in the case.
    This is just a guess - but it is likely that it has a right to exist.
    From the help file:


    From weight file:



  4. First you must post hardware present with V1210.

    Yes i think you can connect PLC via input output.

    But before you must write on paper all needed i/0 signals and check is it 24vdc used for all on AB.

    Please remember that you can read all AB outputs with V1210 inputs without problem.

    But you cannot send signal form V1210 outputs to AB inputs directly.  You must use some DIODE or RELAY logic for correct signal processing.

    For example if some input on AB is ENABLE (like "1" = 24VDC) - you cannot send to it "0"=0VDC without some add cirquit.

    Best solution - use relay with NO and NC dry contact and use it to ON, OFF or SWAP signal.


    By the way i recommend to use isolated digital inputs and outputs on V1210 side powered from AB PLC side.

    This sound like:

    1) Connect 0V isolated digital inputs V1210 to 0V AB common but do not connect it to 0V V1210.

    2) Connect 24VDC outputs to V1210 isolated digital inputs.

    3) Use external interface relay for all outputs and make possible to use AB in normal working mode with disconnected V1210.


  5. Surprisingly, people of about the same age in different parts of the world show the same habits and behavior.

    10 minutes ago, Ausman said:

    ....completely forget why he went in there.

    The same was demonstrated by my grandmother when she came to us after overcoming more than 2 km.

    However, she always thought of the reason why she came.

    One of these reasons is special to me. She said: I came to you because you will take me home by car. 🚗

  6. My grandfather sometimes couldn't find the tool and asked my grandmother about it.
    She replied: You need to write down on a piece of paper where you put the tool!
    Grandpa's answer: I wrote this, but I also can't find this piece of paper!

    11 hours ago, Ausman said:

    Ross River Fever

    This is probably the cause of this phenomenon  🤣

  7. Please see correct MODBUS addresing for G120


    You use 111 address for reading, maybe it is wrong.

    Please see  on p.101 modbus telegram format and use correct  110 as equal to address 40111  (for 40110 used 006D hex = 109 dec in telegram example) 

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  8. Maybe this document is useful


    Please see STW1-control and   ZSW1-status address.

    40100- control byte


    Also try to swap RS485 wires.



    Maybe you try to setup V350 PORT 1  as Modbus and at the same time - try to monitor communication via USB port  connected to SAME PORT 1.

    You need to use Ehternet card for connect to Visilogic or install add PORT2 RS485 com card as MODBUS com2 for use USB cable as connection to Visilogic 


  9. I used SAMBA for retrofit  hydraulic machine control.  One day on this mobile machine SAMBA screen is damaged.
    Even with the damaged screen it  continued to control the operation of all systems.
    I was asked to change settings and with Unitronics software I was able to do it without any problems. Finnaly i setup remote settings via software for local staff.

    I wanted to try to "propose" to apply the already known Unitronics  Virtual HMI technology to our most affordable Samba PLCs.

    By removing the touchscreen and screen from Samba (and integrating WiFi into it),
    Unitronics could certainly create a solution that competes in the market with smart relays.
    But it would have a number of advantages that the Visilogic environment gives us.

    Usually, in a simple control system, PLCs without HMI are sufficient.
    Virtual HMI control makes such a simple PLC an interesting product.
    I think creating a SAMBA virtual HMI version is possible. Only HMI side must be replaced by DIN rail mount set.
    There is no need for any additional cost to change the software before it becomes available on the market.

    Maybe virtual simulation of different resolution also possible.

    What do you think about this?

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