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  1. In user manual for this printer present some information about RS232 or RS232 TTL option for port type. Are you check what type of RS232 - normal or TTL present? If RS232 present - than some RS232 to TTL converter chip must be installed on printer board. If not - you must use 3.3V TTL to RS232 converter for connect this printer.
  2. On another SAMBA you can use the same program with the same sensors without problem? Then maybe something wrong with PLC... I recommend: replace battery, init & reset PLC, download blank project, download your project --- Result? Last chance - replace firmware via visilogic... P.S. You change green connector to another one for test? P.P.S It is only temporary for find what is wrong.
  3. If you have two similar PLC - then you can replace IO board for test what is wrong - PLC program or PLC IO hardware. By the way - you have two PT 100 input on SM35-J-RA22- do you test the same PT100 on another one? P.S. Maybe replace green connector is the solution?
  4. On all my PC with Win XP,7,10 and Android in all Mozilla, Chromium, Opera i found some strange pic on forum pages. Quastion to staff - something wrong happend or forum go to another platform... ect.....? Bold highlight for new answer in topic on the right not present.... :(
  5. I test your code in v350 and in V570 - work without problem. Please test it. 570_timer_test.vlp
  6. I found that in project Print option present "Ladder tag input size" option. Then Print to pdf. It is possible to see long tag in printed to pdf ladder document. I try to find this option for display - no result
  7. For understand how to set timer - please use Load timer/counter preset function for 1, 5, 10....360 min timer preset. You see in ML numbers that you must to calculate for this purpose.
  8. Please see some tips in https://www.unitronicsplc.com/videos-and-tutorials-visilogic/ Lights and Buttons Programming – Basic
  9. As i see on cable pic. - this sensor is two-wire. RED wire connect to +24V (+V) of power supply. Blue/green wire to ANALOG input (4..20mA). Black wire to GROUND (Earth). -24VDC (0V) of power supply connect to ACM.
  10. Best option - install Ethernet card now and use it for Visilogic connection and programming. You can use it in future for another purpose (URB I/O, remote control ...).
  11. I post some tips about MF to ML conversion (with MI max value mast be below +32768). You can use it in your application for calculate Flex727 idea with x100 myltiply. And set PID setpoint with MI.
  12. experiments result for V350 and V1040 OPLC: 1) SB112 on both fixed with 0 in all condition (maybe some Unitronics staff can explane how this bit react); 2) SB113 =1 if USB port on PLC is powered from PC or other device (i test with PC usb and 5V smartfone charger); 3) if Ignore Break checkbox is NOT selected on port1 configuration in project or in PLC INFO MODE it is possible to connect to PLC via USB on all present speed in Communication & OS menu. (Please note that correct com port must be selected - see for correct one in PC Device manager. It must be lost a
  13. You can check this system bits if you have Ethernet connection possible. If USB port is found - then it is powered from PC. If cable communication pin is connected SI 113 = 1 And if in V350 program is used com init block and this option is selected you maybe can't send break signal from USB port for start communication
  14. Than you have some option without data table: 1) use Vision controller with SD card and save log file to SD card. 2) use external controller with communication option to store data via Samba digital I/O, com or Eternet port. Something like this http://download.inveo.com.pl/manual/nano_i/user_manual_en.pdf 3) use networking to send information on remote storage. 4) use CCTV camera with remote datalogging for fix all user action :) But the best solution is to examine Samba installation for back EMF, EMI and grounding issue. I install several Samba a
  15. For position contol with high speed pneumatic actuator you must use Axis controller provided by actuator manufacturer. It was expensive solution with high speed proportional valve and controller with analog or digital setpoint. For example https://www.festo.com/net/SupportPortal/Files/379484/CPX-CMAX-SYS_2015-05a_559751g1.pdf You can set position setpoint to controller and read it from sensor (or from controller). Yes you can use interrupt routine and setup some ladder code but for precise position control via pneumatic actuator High speed PID servo loop needed.
  16. Yes, it is tested solution. Joe Tauser post this solution in forum topic. I use it for select powder coating gun position when different item is moving on a conveyor and mesuring station is before powder guns. I also manage bit vector copy for ON-OFF gun when no item is placed on conveyor. On this screen you can see illustration of automatic program selection via bit vector copy. Green LED - conveyor sensor, Blue - item sensor.
  17. As i see Patrick need to disable Initial and Reset from INFO mode menu (password protected). This command clear all operand but not clear data table. And it is possible to restore value saved in Data table. But user can remove battery..
  18. You can prepare two stage counter... ML or MI that is initialased by data table value at power on by SB2 . Count by increment it. Then save the result to data table via negative transition of SB2 at power off.
  19. The OPSHACOM rule explained as: Nice big new black Italian leather jacket OP (OPinion) — lovely, excellent SH (SHape) — big, round A (Age) — young, ancient C (Colour) — yellow, blue O (Origin) — British, Chinese M (Material) — steel, liquid
  20. One rare device in my workshop. Still in use for punch tape read-in.... :) :) :) and upload to.... FDD!!!
  21. Sorry, but it is listed before any unitronics link. That is happend with many unitronics pdf search. By the way in IO&COM for Vision section of Unitroinics Technical Library do not present any info about new URB IO option supported by new Visilogic 9.8.91. It is only in Visilogic Version changes info and after some new update this info is "lost" in the bottom of this pdf. Maybe link to new IO futures mus be placed I/O & COM for Vision™ & M91™.
  22. Yes, i still use it and it help to make some $$$. My favorite - German version MS DOS 5.0 - 1990 year. - so many machine installation with this version. I have "black box" with FDD, FFD emulator, USB-FDD, some ISA cards and my oldest PC -486 inside - to make some homework with it. This is my oldest disk. But i do not have FDD for this super large disk. If someone know where is possible to find - i ready to pay some $. It came with old CNC.
  23. In SM35 and SM43 for battery replace user need to remove IO card. So, battery cannot be pelaced with powered PLC. If project is present - you can Download All & Burn for not lost project in PLC and upload operand to file for not lost memory value. You can easly download it after battery replace.
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