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  1. Please post your RS232 communication configuration. If you use FB Protocol than you must (tips from manual): ---- A Protocol Scan FB, which enables the controller to receive data response messages from the device. Note that in order to receive new messages, you must clear the communication buffer after each message by using the Reset Buffer FB. Maybe no resetted buffer cleared via com port timeout is main problem. You can also use port 1 for testing (Ethernet connection to Visilogic must be used).
  2. Checklist: - swap welder power supply; - use two separate control V570 system (you can make the same distance condition to the WS); - check - is it possible that separate welding only WS1 or only WS2 work without lost communication. I have issue on two TIG welders working simultaneously on the one big machine part - one of welder - sometimes lost settings parameter. - all system powered from the same power line, Than you can temporary power V570 from the isolated UPS or battery. Than RF spike can't go to the V570 power line. - I do not know how to test it.... - is it possible that motion conroller lost communication and it is not V570 problem? - is it some addon wire used near or in weldind gun ( home sensor, collision detector, arc voltage supervision, ect) - what circuit used for filtering or isolating for this cirquit? TIG torch uses a burst of RF to establish the arc - generate above 8000V - then standard isolation -like stadard transformer or optical isolator is not enough.
  3. Sorry i can't find foto of board inside TIG box. Maybe i can make new one on next week. This manual maybe useful. Also please see correct grounding on p.21-22 https://www.millerwelds.com/files/owners-manuals/O611L_MIL.pdf If it possible please post your TIG connection setup. I have some diagram from different TIG welders maybe we can find solution. P.S I have some trouble with Ethernet connection to the V700 panel installed near properly grounded VFD in metal control box. If VFD start - connection is lost. Issue is solved by connection -24V (GND) of V700 Power supply to the control box common ground point. Ethernet run stable after this. Many machines provide this connection (-24VDC to ground) by default.
  4. Hi on foto you can see standard upgrade kit for Panasonic robot It is present in this box, but also some RLC chain and snabbers used. I have only some foto inside this box. Try to find it ... it takes some time.
  5. Based on what you said - the cause of all the problems was the replacement of standard welding on TIG with high-frequency ignition. In my experience, the main problem with this improvement is the lack of complete filtering of the interference signal from the TIG torch to the rest of the system equipment. I have repeatedly encountered various methods of combating radio frequency interference, which did not work because insufficient or no filtering on one of the wires of the system - turned this wire into an antenna, creating radio frequency chaos. The main idea you need to implement is described in the figure. None of the wires installed in the welding system should pass without measures that implement filtration and high-voltage galvanic isolation. The figure describes the equipment mounted on the Panasonic robot to switch its operation to TIG mode. You can see how the control signals to the manipulator are implemented. No other measures to protect against interference from the robot itself and network cables to the computer that sends it the task is not applied. In short, you are trying to eliminate the effects of interference - instead of reducing and limiting them in the welding circuit. You must find ready to use standard TIG filtering system used in automatic TIG welding. Or use it diagram for build self made filering station for all TIG tourch. Than you can return to first not optical variant of your system without any problem.
  6. Hi, is it possible that 20SMS is limited by mobile operator for this SIM card? Like spam filter - generally user do not get a lot of message from one number. Or sometimes only 20 (or more) SMS is possible to send free of charge.... (in some operator this number of free SMS is possible for 24hour). I that case (no money) my operator allow to push new message only after send payment to account and modem restart.
  7. Scan FB Protocol used for "read-in" not standard messages. Main problem is to find correct message format. If i can not find correct check sum method - i try to read-in message without it. It works.... Sended by another device message do not need to be scanned directly as it appear in manual. Only start of message must be correct (for separate message) and message length must not be longer then scanned variable - message can be written to buffer and it can be parsed by byte operation. But in this method some Silent period must be prepeared. (without it FB Protocol sometimes react on checksum as message start). Check sum needed only if you must 100% correct data scan. For testing it is not needed.
  8. You can use info mode for test what PLC send to sensor and what sensor send to PLC. It is possible to find com port settings and see RX and TX buffer. Please try to load program and check this useful option. I use it for configure communication with not standard protocol device. If tx buffer is the same as on PC than RX from device must be the same
  9. Do you try to open device manager and check com ports with plug unplug V570 USB ? P.S, Sometimes for USB connection users use power cable for mobile chargers. There are no usb wires in this type of cables - only power +- present. Please check it by replace to another one.
  10. We are not looking for direct ways ... 🙂 Maybe there's something like this nearby https://www.amazon.com/Serial-Communication-Converter-Adapter-Mini-Size/dp/B0196AO1IG
  11. It is another option - use PT100 sensor with embedded converter with analog output 0-10V or 4-20mA and connect it to PLC ANALOG INPUT (3 item on i/0 board).
  12. I would like to add a few remarks to this ... Positive consequences: - in most cases, despite the respectable age of obsolete models of PLC Unitronics purchased on ebay they are in working condition (+++++ to Unitronics brand); - also in most cases it is possible to significantly upgrade the controller - sometimes even to a fairly modern version of the software; - the ability to purchase a screen or keyboard of the controller as part of the used cheap PLC, sometimes it is necessary to repair older production machines; - the price that allows you to buy a controller or expansion module for experiments or training when its sale is not expected. Negative consequences: - modern documentation does not correspond to outdated models despite the same name (this case); - there are incompatibilities of hardware and software versions (recently we studied on the forum why the new network card does not see by the outdated PLC); - the absence of any guarantees that everything in the PLC is in working order, so it is clear that to build new machines on such old PLCs is not recommended.
  13. In one spec doc i see this.... Maybe add on RS485 must be installed. I recommend to use isolated RS485 board
  14. This is V230 jumper location - please check inside if no lable and cover is solid
  15. I do not know this secret... But i make some screen with + - buttons for change numbers. (increment decrement rate changed if button pressed for long time). If it must be fast for operator - then + -button used for all for 5 numbers separately. Enter and Esc also present. +++++ ESC 00000 Enter - - - - - Operator like this screen big numbers and buttons.
  16. Please post sensor nameplate or model. If sensor protocol is standard modbus - it is simple solution. If non standard protocol used - you must setup FB Protocol TX sender and RX scanner. In Visilogic you can find Example project with Communication configuration.
  17. I do not test this freeware but after start on my PC it offer send file with string to com port. https://www.aggsoft.com/com-port-emulator/download.htm One quastion about your application: is it possible to use analog input of PLC to read signal from sandard TLB analog output (0-10V or 4-20mA)? Vision offer 1time per scan analog signal mesurement and maybe you do not need above 10bit resolution. I see standard configuration: https://www.ebay.com/itm/TLB-load-cell-transmitter-amplifier-LAUMAS-RS485-4-20mA-0-10V-relay-outputs-/193479327670 Then - you do not need to use any serial communication and your application can be fast.
  18. Thank you Aus, I think your assumptions are probably very close to explaining the cause of my problem. Accordingly, I must set a speed limit for updating my variable and not exceed it to get a satisfactory result.
  19. To check where is the problem i test separated solution (no other net present in program) : 1 - extruder-stepper ramping with linearisation (works fine); 2 - time controlled ramp with increment and (or) scan time comtrolled ramp - pause in signal flow start present on PWM output. I need ramp stepper in approx 1-2s from 0 to FpwmMax. I see this ramp in PLC PWMfrequency ML - but no output pause is strange. I dig into Visilogic help and find this: "If values out of range enter the Duty Cycle and Frequency operands, the output turns OFF and remains OFF until the values re-enter the range." I think that V700 + V200-18-E46B is Enhanced Vision, V5xx/V1xxx 0.1Hz to 100kHz But maybe V700 have different frequency range and if Frequency ML is out of range output turns OFF. Then itry to check the same program on V1040...
  20. Thanks Joe for tips! Scale can transmit weight 300 variables per second via its own CONTINUOUS FAST WEIGHT TRANSMISSION PROTOCOL https://tenzomir.com/wp-content/uploads/woocommerce_uploads/2018/07/TLB4_protocols_manual_EN.pdf You can configure to scan this protocol via FB Protocol in Visilogic.
  21. PWM frequency ML11 is copy of ML6 - and ML6 is linearisation result depended of ANALOG OUTPUT to extruder. Extruder rump make stepper motor rump from 0 to FmaxPWM. Than this process is slow and maybe i do not find any delay. If i stop stepper (F=0) and restart by increment F --- Stepper motor not follow to fast increment - no signal from PWM output (tested by frequency meter) . After some delay signal start but F is to fast for stepper and it do not start - only rump sound. Than quastion is - how many times per second PWM frequency variable can be updated?
  22. I test FB Protocol in different solution - looks like it is possible to read 1 time per scan. No add enable bit exept port ready needed. If scale TX speed set faster than 38400 - com port buffer work more faster than PLC scan. You can test it via PC - send numbers 1,2,3...... with rate 300 per second and try to read it via PLC and store to incremented per scan memory MI. CANopen in 500kB speed operate with 1 read per scan. But run CANopen network is not easy way.
  23. I had to upgrade the control system of the plastic extruder. V700 + V200-18-E46B used in application. The system has been operating successfully for over 2 years. However, a separate installed dosing system that determines the color of the plastic has failed. It has a stepper motor, a driver and a failed control board. I quickly connected the input of the motor driver to the output of the O0 npn PWM and programmed the change of the PWM frequency depending on the speed of the screw of the extruder. Everything worked, but there was one problem. Sometimes the stepper motor must be stopped for a few seconds without stopping the extruder (for cleaning). Accordingly, the stepper motor that started smoothly with the extruder to a certain speed must stop and then accelerate again. And here I find a problem - the output of the PWM which perfectly controls the stepper motor when starting from 0 speed does not want to start smoothly from another source. That is, the variable recorded as the PWM frequency changes smoothly to the setpoint - but the PWM output signal to the stepper motor occurs only after 2-3 seconds and with a frequency that has already reached the required value - respectively, the motor does not start because the frequency is too high. This part of net is controlled by START STOP STEPPER MOTOR BIT. I try to use it for accelerate stepper motor after stop and if it is slower then calculated frequency setpoint ML6. ML11 - PWM frequency, MI61 - frequency change step. I do not know why PWM signal output is paused for a few seconds (i try to disable all other net for test). If MI61=1 - pause is approx 5sec after ML11 reached setpoint, if MI61 = 50 - pause is shorter 1-2sec. If i use MI=200 - pause is short but stepper motor do not start sometimes. I try to see PWM frequency in Info Mode - it is changed correctly but PWM output do not start after PWM frequency variable start to increment. Any ideas for stepper motor start stop controlled via V200-18-E46B PWM output frequency?
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