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  1. Maybe this document is useful https://cache.industry.siemens.com/dl/files/623/109764623/att_978241/v1/109764623_G120C_Modbus-communication_DOC_V10_en.pdf Please see STW1-control and ZSW1-status address. 40100- control byte 40101-setpoint. Also try to swap RS485 wires. P/S Maybe you try to setup V350 PORT 1 as Modbus and at the same time - try to monitor communication via USB port connected to SAME PORT 1. You need to use Ehternet card for connect to Visilogic or install add PORT2 RS485 com card as MODBUS com2 for use USB cable as connection t
  2. I used SAMBA for retrofit hydraulic machine control. One day on this mobile machine SAMBA screen is damaged. Even with the damaged screen it continued to control the operation of all systems. I was asked to change settings and with Unitronics software I was able to do it without any problems. Finnaly i setup remote settings via software for local staff. I wanted to try to "propose" to apply the already known Unitronics Virtual HMI technology to our most affordable Samba PLCs. By removing the touchscreen and screen from Samba (and integrating WiFi into it), Unitronics cou
  3. I still use 9.8.65 version of Visilogic - do not registering needed, works perfect with XP. As for me stable and useful for all application where not needed UMI VFD and Servo. Yes i use latest version also - but it is installed on Win10.
  4. ...... And everything I talk about magically appears in advertising. .......And more and more often it hunts for me in my smartphone ... ... However, the main advantage is that we can think in whispers and say only what we want ... Zuckerberg must still work on this ... :)
  5. You can find V570 Modbus loopback test.vlp at Visilogic help/Example/Communication/Modbus. Two port using for both - Master and Slave in one PLC
  6. Hi, i do no know about JZ20 non-volatile - it is no info in tech spec. But i found hidden memory and use it in my project
  7. The best way is to use http://support.elmark.com.pl/unitronics/materialy/manual/u90-software.pdf it is HMI variable topic and some other U90 ladder command.
  8. Hi, you can select non constant min max in bargraf. But you must check in program is it this limit correct . For example - is it min < max.
  9. For driving motor maybe is useful info in this topic: for current sensor maybe must be used 24vdc powered 0...10V or 0..20mA output isolated Hall effect DC current sensor. http://www.current-sensors.de/CurrentSensor-DC.htm ADC input in samba is not isolated. I do not recommend to use direct ADC to motor shunt connection due to noise generated by DC motor. You can try to run control loop but it is not possible to predict motor behavior in your system setup.
  10. You want to replace OPLC (operator panel HMI with integrated PLC) to rockwell Panel view 5310 HMI ?!? Do you have original project from Vision V1040? If not - you must start with new project on Rockwell Panel view 5310 and create all HMI display from the start. If yes: It is possible to export screens to BMP (some numbers and grafics you can't export). You can export Operand with value to the *.csv. You can also print to paper or pdf all project entry with detailed HMI operand mapping. But what with the logic? You must to create your
  11. I use in torque mode this driver configured without taho (encoder do not needed) https://www.motiontech.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/MT-Copley-Brush-Servo-Motor-Drive-241115.pdf The main problem is that your SM43-J-T20 do not provide analog output for control something like this. Only PWM output present on SM43-J-T20. But DC motor driver use analog setpoint. CANopen DC drive also present but you must install CANopen card and run CAN network. Maybe the best solution is to use 50Watt Unitronics SERVO motor with Unitronics servo drive, but you must ask suppo
  12. Is it possible to temporary sw off (or power of) VFD? If the problem gone - VFD EMF noise stop comms. You must check - is it motor GROUND wire and SHIELD of motor cable (if present) connected to VFD PE AND VFD PE connected to the machine or cabinet GND. Also please read pdf documents posted in my link
  13. Hi, This sound like internal DC/DC. Maybe some broken or not fixed (not glued) ferrite act as sound speaker driven by internal or external power supply current modulated by PLC program cycle. For recognize it is internal or external modulated current please use another power supply.
  14. Hi, if joystick used for control motion application - you need: 1) setup DC/DC 24VDC to 10VDC or use linear L7810 (or other IC) based 10V refrence. 2) use GND to Rdown+Rpot+Rup to10V ref serial connection. Rdown and Rup 0.25w resistors. For example 0.5k + 5k axis + 0.5k = 6k resistanse for each axis. 3) connect all axis joystick output to 3 analog input of PLC. 4) program code for test ADC readout for DOWN, ZERO, UP position of all axis. DOWN is abow 0V and UP is below 10V for safety. 5) set for all axis error condition if ADC is not in DOWN to UP readout ra
  15. I found this in machine part list : PUSHTOLOCK - 1pcs. After some investigation i found - it is Compressed Air Filter Regulator Lubricator Combo Water/Oil Trap Separator! 😂
  16. Hi, some quastion for you: 1) Where error is appear - after PLC start? - after start no error - it is appear at working mode? - error is generated when some input or autput on new module activated? 2) Is it possible that new I/O module do not start to working mode before PLC start. Please do separate power on for PLC and IO (use rotary button ect.). Start IO module, wait for green led blinked on all module - then power PLC. Result? 3) Is it all connected to new module relay has RC filter (on 220VAC) or diode (24VDC) on coil? Please
  17. Hi, Please calculate max power supply current for original and new installation. Maybe more installed output need extra power?
  18. Hi, is it possible that simple com port card installed (not Ethernet) in the same slot? P.S. I found sometimes ethernet connected to the extension port :)
  19. I do not test it but maybe solution - use legal entry bit and after correct entry - activate screen refresh via legal entry bit positive transition (Utils/HMI/Refresh HMI Display).
  20. Yes Ausman, i do the same thing... but in this case visilogic stop to open his own "normal" project... And after try to recovering with "OK" button - Visilogic crashed. Only reinstall help to solve this issue.
  21. Hi, is it possible that second compared value goes from ADC or another not filtered sorce? On display you maybe have visualy correct but flashing with high speed result. Output maybe is not high speed and cannot activate with the program scan speed.
  22. I went through the problem of updating not only in the computer. You can't even talk about a smartphone at all - it lives its own personal life ... The printer did not want to print because the memory defragmentation requires an update. Now you should probably expect updates for the microwave, vacuum cleaner and electric kettle. P.S. Therefore, from time to time I make a full copy of the contents of the computer - with a note - everything installed worked ... But it did not help: I open visilogic projects 9.8.65 from a second system running from another hard drive with the latest v
  23. Hi. Maybe my experience will be useful to you. I created a control display for the extruder. Using standard graphics, I drew the desired interface and added controls. However, when I started loading it all into the V1040 it took quite a while. Accordingly, the speed of the interface was very low - while the panel redrawn all the graphics elements when changing windows - the user saw how it does it. Then I did the following: 1) deleted all controls (copied to another window); 2) exported the HMI display (drawn graphics) as a BMP file to HDD (use standard Visilogic Export Disp
  24. Hi, maybe best solution is to use Ethernet card and connection to the Samba. Device like this https://minovatech.de/mcr08-nfc-rfid-hf-en.php has Ethernet, RS232 and 485 port present also.
  25. Hi, is it jumper settings in correct position? Input default is Digital!
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