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  1. Hi, there are some interesting new features in this version: - IO-Link support - Structured Text editor and the long desired - Support of opening more then one project on the same PC. (UniLogic Multiple Instances) I'm looking forward to work with this new functions! I still missing the folowing: - Compare function (Online <-> Offline) - Not only that something is different in a function. From other PLC systems I'm used to see the exact difference. - Software versioning - Export/Import project as ASCII files for GIT versioning (Like Projects developed in VS code.) I'm wondering if this two features are on the UniLogic developer roadmap and if there is already a release date for this functions?
  2. we are using virt-viewer with a ubuntu system. if you google "virt viewer android" or "virt manager android" you find some downloads. not sure if this helps but maybe it is worth trying.
  3. kartmel, you are right. I was not looking carefully enouth to the timestamps. (3) is correct. we mostly read the data to arrays. than we convert the data to a buffer and parse everything to the struct (and datatypes) of the modbus device. for a start it is certainly easier to use the unistream modbus configuration table without an array.
  4. You can try it as shown in the picture... Poll: 01 04 00 00 00 19 31 CD 01 -> Slave adress 1 04 -> Function code Read Input Registers 00 00 -> Start Address 00 19 -> Read 25(dec) Registers 31 CD -> CRC https://simplymodbus.ca/FC04.htm
  5. We exchanged the PLC on this site. With the new PLC everything works fine. Then we tested the Boot Error PLC on my desk - no problems for 3 weeks. So, we decided to use this PLC for a monitoring task at a customer site. Since approx. one week the PLC is offline (the PLC was doing the task before for more than 2 weeks at this site). I can't tell now if the PLC is completely dead now, or it is just a network issue… Try it with another PLC and write a ticket to the support. Maybe they got some chips which are not completely ok and more sensitive to environmental conditions (e.g. temperature...).
  6. We have had the same message yesterday (UniLogic Version 1.33.236) . We contacted the support and sent them the log files. We will share the info as soon we get an answer.
  7. A user is logged out automatically after a download without reset. What is the reason of the auto log out after a download? Is there a system bit which tells me that a download was executed? Background: On the HMI we have a field that shows if a user is currently logged in. I don't know how to hide this field without a User Access Control Struct update event. Thanks, Daniel
  8. Before I open a support ticket I'would like to know if someone has the same vnc problem. We use the headless plc USC-x10-B1. After opening a vnc connection it takes approx. 15 s until the display is shown on the client PC. When a second client connects to the PLC it takes also takes approx. 15 s. During this time the display freezes on the first vnc client.
  9. Hi Cara, please can you give us a update to the full hd resolution (1920 x 1080) implementation. Thanks, Daniel
  10. Just to get a better system understanding... I assume, the the PLC cycle is the following: -> Read inputs -> Execute the ladder logic -> Write outputs I am interested in the following: - Modbus slave request. Is this done at the end of a cycle or asynchronous to the logic execution? (Data consistency) - Modbus master periodic/ aperiodic. Is this done at the end of a cycle or asynchronous to the logic execution? (Data consistency) - HMI display. Are the displayed values updated at the end of a cycle or asynchronous to the logic execution? (Data consistency) Thanks, Daniel
  11. Hi Ness, good to know that I'm not the only one with this issue. Did Unitronics shared a link to the 1.29.138 built?
  12. Joe, thanks for your time to give a comment to my problems. Enclosed is a pdf with my experimental Modbus slave solution for our job. Took me several hours playing around. The following page http://www.simplymodbus.ca and the program qModMaster helped me to do this. Why do we need this: In my second post of this thread, I changed the Modbus Slave Address to reset the “NumOfClients”. This works for about 6 – 10 hours. Then suddenly the Status of the Modbus Set Functions changes to -1 and the communication is dead again. I hope that the new solution works… I will post an update in a few days. I'm not sure if I understand your limitation correctly. I understand that in Modbus RTU only one master is allowed due to the hardware pegel of the signals. But does it matter if I use the RS485 CPU COM Port or the UAC-02RSC_0 RS485 port? Modbus_Slave.pdf
  13. Joe, thanks for your answer. I want to replace the modbus slave configuration with a ladder logic listening on the RS485 CPU interface. Enclosed the picture with slave configuration and a beginning of ladder logic (cannot work this way but hopefully points out what to do). Joe, just out of curiosity. Are you a Unitronics employee? I’m not happy with the 1.29.111 version. Often get the “HMI overload message”. Sometimes after a download, the screen stays black (only power up can resolve it).
  14. Is it possible to build a RTU Slave ladder program (parse and response to incoming msg. from the master) with the advanced modbus function blocks? (Couldn't find an example in the UniLogic examples.) @Saragani @AlexUT @Joe Tauser
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