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  1. Hello. Yes! Yes! Even those messages modem works on my USP-104-B10. Where can i find more detailed information about sending and receiving SMS except help in unilogic . Do you have some examples of using I/O of modem ,lets say for getting calls.
  2. Hello again. Now I have original Kit. At the end I have this message. What can I do. Best regards
  3. Hello, recently I buy modem CINTERION EHS6T USB. Firmware is 04.013. I have tried to configure modem via VisiLogic and normally it does not happened because firmware has to be 03.001. Unfortunately there is no way to know which firmware will be when you purchase. And usually there are updates for this kind of hardware. Do you have some updates in AT lines for this model? Shall GSM-KIT-16J KIT ,BGS2T be work with USP-104-B10? Thank you in advance.
  4. Hello Dear, I have send my question to support@unitronics.com. Hope you will help me at least by telling me approximate time gap between questioning and having answer. You are selling industrial PLCs, so you know that time matters. And today ....... the very same hardware tells me - look attachment! BR
  5. Hello, It is a system created 5 months ago. A USP-104-B10 with 3 URB-TCP remote adapters located in different places in a plant. Those adapters collect information from machines and displaying on USP. Three days ago i have lost communication between modules. Since then i cannot restore thinks. My structure is Panel IP ( for example), CPU IP ( for example) , URB1 IP (, URB2 IP ( and URB3 IP ( Eth. port1 on panel is connected to our network. Eth2. port is connected to Eth1. port on URB1, Eth2. port on URB1 goes to Eth1 on URB2 and so on. The problem was when i have to establish communication at the beginning. Difficulty was that i have different locations. It is very nice described how use BOOTP Server, but it doesnt work until i disconnect all URB adapters and put them side by side to USP. Only then it works. Can you explain how to do this without removing URB from their locations. Also another thing. Where can i find some detailed info for limitation of HMI Panels. I was surprised when UniLogic told me that i have max. 255 elements per screen on USP 104 . Is it the same for 7", 10 and 15" screens? And some suggestion about Graphs. It will be nice option to decide how big is visible area of the graph. At my case on screen 800x600 and limitation of minimum size 500x300 i can put only two graphs and they are not looking good with this big buttons and background for axes. Only suggestion, i know this is a hard thing to do. Thank you in advance.
  6. Hello, In a project i have controller model USP-104-B10 connected to Energy meter via Modbus RTU. More of the variables are UINT32. It is simple read UINT32 then swap ABCD_CDAB to get value. Which is the simplest way to read UINT64. Thank you in advance.
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