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  1. I have been playing around with this for a little while. Just write the touch MB on your start button at the master directly to the positive transition contact on the other screen. It actually works quite well. No timers or anything intermediary needed. I don't know if it would work that well over long distances but the touch property holds high long enough for a positive transition on the other side. Master1.vlp Slave1.vlp
  2. Yours ain't too shabby either, Flex! I have noticed that you like to have more of a bread crumb approach..but all you gotta do is follow em!
  3. For now I have accomplished what I need and I greatly appreciate your help. I know I was going all over the place but I was just trying to show you guys I was trying on my end not just try and have you all do it for me. Thanks for your patience! I hope Joe T or Aus comes by and chimes in.
  4. I have it working and attached is my code. Is there a more elegant way? This just seems like it would get really hairy for a big application with multiple starts/stops and value entrys. Throw me a bone here... Master1.vlp Slave1.vlp
  5. The top picture in the above image is in the master. Bottom is slave. I'm writing MB12 to the slave and leaving it longer than the scan to give it time to update. Then after a second resetting it. My touch property is linked to MB10 in the master and the link is MB 11. Below are my links in the master.
  6. Ok I cleaned up what you said then downloaded and all is good. Now that brings me to the next issue. (which I'm sure you saw where this was headed with the machine start stop and the integers) I cannot figure this one out. When I try to write to the slave I immediately get overwritten which is obvious from the way it's coded. However, I did figure out a way to successfully start and stop it from the master with a rudimentary time off delay but there has to be a better way...but it works. The writing from the master to the integer on the slave is the one I'm stumped on. I did get it the i
  7. Guys thank you for the responses. I took advice and opted to just attack 1 slave and got the other mess out of the way. I had to take a step back and think about each process and what was exactly going on. It's actually pretty straight forward now that I see it. I have attached my code and it works great. I had a little bit of issue getting it to establish a connection after a power cycle but I think I have it resolved. Going to use SB3 to constantly try to connect no matter what. Do ya'll see a problem( or future problems) with how I did all of this? Master1.vlp Slave1.vl
  8. I was just saying my total sessions weren't incrementing the same as my acknowledgements. I did see where I had one socket connected contact assigned wrong and fixed that. However, the problem I am seeing is none of the sockets are staying connected. I am also getting status messages of 4 then 6 on all the Modbus Read/Write FB's 4 is "Master Timed Out" 6 is "Data synced incorrectly" I went in to all the Socket Parameters on the slaves and everyone of them show socket 0 and port 20000 which is not even close to being correct. I think I need to download a blank program i
  9. Right before I left I went online and observed the comms, my total sessions and acknowledgements weren't incrementing correctly on all 3 R/W Mixed FB's. I left assuming I still had some work to do. Does it appear as if it would work as expected?
  10. I apologize for not answering in complete sentences. I corrected the issues as you suggested and I think I have all my ports/setup correct. With that being said I made a few edits to the sequence but I'm not getting what I need out of it. I'm going to have to revisit this tomorrow but here is what I have. I also attached a screenshot of the 3rd slave setup just to be sure it's correct.
  11. I am really having a hard time with this and I don't know why. I cleaned up some things you mentioned and came up with this basic skeleton. I am still having trouble getting it to cycle through once I start the sequence. Is this appropriately sequenced? Do you see any issues with it? Forgot to add this..but socket 3 is just for programming the screen so I don't have to program over serial..
  12. Ok let me clean this up and add a few things... That answered some of my issues and holes.
  13. Hello, all first let me start off by saying I suck at modbus comms with unitronics and have always been a little intimidated by them and would like to put an end to that. With that out of the way what I am trying to do is communicate with three 570's over modbus tcp ip. My setup would be a master and 3 stand alone slaves. These slaves are in different locations so a central master that can monitor start/stop and change a few set points on each is the goal. I have read about all I can and looked at the help files/examples over the last few days. Thanks to Flex and Joe T. 's previous posts
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