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  1. dear saragani, sorry by the delay , but i was work out of my city the last week and today i continued with the project in unilogic. i check de cores of my computer, this have 2 physical cores and 4 logical cores (it have a intel I7-6500U processor, with windows 10 OS). i reboot my computer, and unistall and reinstall the unilogic software again. i compile offline the project and this take a few seconds now. i dont know what happened really , if was a computer problem, or unilogic software problem, but now work well. thanks for you asistance, and if i have any problem or the sam
  2. dear, i send you the project by email. the HDD dont blink crazy or still on, when compiling. the task manager show me an activity not more than 10% to 15% of use of CPU, and no more than 50% of the memory of the computer.
  3. the unilogic version is 1.19.83, the project have 4,27 MB
  4. Hi, The compiling Ladder step (when I download a program or when I connect "Online") take between 10 to 30 min . Is that normal or there is a problem with the software?
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