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  1. That's good idea! A lot of change but it works now. Thanks a lot Saragani
  2. Thank you for your suggestion! You are right but after i do it so I can't built the project because the error occurred from the other .dll file. That is CANbus dll file, Looks like they prefer the Target CPU to be X64 or AnyCPU. I have .Net2 and .Net4 for the CANbus dll file but when I use .Net2 in this project the system said can't mix .net differ version. Do you have any idea to fix this?
  3. I got an Error when start debugging as picture due to i have to set Target Framework to be .net4 because I created the project on Visual studio 2015 which required .Net4 for some .dll file but for the Unitronics.ComDriver still old .net I have try to set AnyCPU at TargetCPU but the error still remains Can anyone help me how to fix it as the picture below?
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