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  1. Hello Gugun, Another possibility we do with our team on "sensible" PLCs is to make a full backup on a microSD card before. We have V430 here, and you cannot plug the 24V when removing the battery (mechanically impossible) so the backup is important. It requires to know the Service menu password and to have the SD Password defined in the project first. Nicolas
  2. Hi Ausman, OK thanks ! I have trashed the USB stick with the installation file in a bottomless pit, but I will try again later 😉 Thanks for your time ! Nicolas
  3. Hello guys, Thanks again for the support! My dealer sent the programs to Unitronics, so they will check it 🙂 @Ausman : what do you mean by "Initialize and Reset"? After update, I switched PLC Off an On several time, so it should be OK. Or it means something else? No, of course I kept the old version. But I added some function on my program Offline with the version 9.8.90. So just have to add those new functions to the orignal one (V9.8.65) without converting to V9.8.90😉 @Flex727 and Joe : OK, thanks for the tips 🙂 Nicolas
  4. Hello guys, Thanks for your help! I checked SI and SDW, but nothing looks anormal. The SDO status is located in SI225 looks correct (reports a timeout error), then it seems I have no incoherence between the old and new values you given to me with the picture, Kratmel. I had a look to SDW34 and 36, and both are equal to "0", then no more information there. I reinstalled V9.8.64, and it works fine. I will switch to 9.8.65 as you suggest Flex727, and wait for a new version 😉 Have a nice week ! Nicolas
  5. Hello Flex727 and Kratmel, Thanks a lot for your responses 🙂 A bit desapointed by the one of Ausman pined on the top of the forum 😕. I understand this point of view of not updating the software "just because we can". But the version 9.8.90 has interresting function while allowing URB Remote I/O. I didn't took the risk to update just for fun 😉 Anyway. I contacted my French reseller too, and made few more tests. It seems the bug is in the OS of the PLC. Until not upgraded, it works fine. Once updated, even with the same program it doesn't work anymore. When using your solution Kratmel,
  6. Hello Everybody, I face some issue with a V430 PLC and the last version of Visilogic (V9.8.90). I used a project with the precedent version (V9.8.64) with no problem. I communicate with a motor, and it works fine. I updated my computer with the last version (V9.8.90). It required to update the firmware of the PLC (as usual with new version). Update is done corectly. But now when I use a SDO Download, my motor makes the first movement, but I have SB243 switching on. Error code is a Timeout (SI225 = 10). I tried with a second PLC, and exactly the same issue : timeout on motor
  7. Hello everybody, Well, I work with Visilogic for a few years now with tens of V430 and few V1210, and I agree the last version with bigger nets is usefull :-) But the "administrator rights requirement" is really a major issue for me. On the precedent version, I installed Visilogic directly to "C:\Unitronics". Then no problem with UAC or rights. Everything was OK. On the last version, it requires administrative rights. I CANNOT give administrative rights to my users. The risks are enormous (Trojan, Virus, suspicious web pages...). Even when trained on internet risks, I still have guys
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