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  1. Is it necessary when you set the modbus in unistream like here?
  2. I want to give a feedback and some more info because I found it difficulty .... well it looks that it works! the "words" reading is easier and clear approach. I don't have clear reading about Voltage of Phase 1, some times is around 230xxxxx... but most of the time is like 59139010000000000000000000.000000 but it's a stable reading. for Hz the reading is clear for both of them I can't find a way to move the decimal point. for example to have 49.84 Hz instead of 49837.520000 any idea how to manage the length of the values US5_B10_TR22 - v3.ulpr
  3. Hi Joe, thank you for your msg. I'll connect it again to the modscan64 to identify the words... from there I can swap in real time from HEX to Bit and so on.... ... regarding the example you attached is something that i tried but I 'll tried it harder!
  4. Hi, thank you both! So that's why I need a Gurus to guide me ORSO you are right that I miss that point and Isakovic stretch me to the reading of several registers in row. I made some test, here is the code but still don't have the correct result. correct me if I'm wrong: 0x12345678 Reg 0 - Hi is 34 | Reg 0 - Lo is 12 | Reg 1- Hi is 78 | Reg 1 - Lo is 56 the format in order to be read as float should be 34,12,78,56 ? what I tried to do in the attached is that but is not working they are 2 lines here, one with Sargani's explanation that looks pretty nice and give in "Buffer 1" the above format, but I'm still missing something to have the right result the second is a deferent approach but also half and far way. thank you for you patience. US5_B10_TR22 - Copy.ulpr
  5. Hi Joe, yes I did, I also checked two other post from the forum. 1. 2. but as far I can understand is that the reading should be in two arrays or two registers. how ever I was not able to read two arrays from unistream. according to the energy meter's manual they are 4 bytes (2 registers) per parameter. http://support.innon.com/PowerMeters/SDM630-MOD-MID/Manual/SDM630-Modbus_Protocol.pdf if I connect with an adapter to the energy meter with modscan64 I can read the values also in float format When is saying 4 bytes (2 registers) they are 2 registers in row? for example 30001 and 30002 ? p.s I'm beginner in Modbus but I think not that bad
  6. Hello , I 've got an Energy meter (yes again!) which returns 16bit registers at the maximum range 65535. some times that is also negative... that is format IEEE 754 It's the first time see this format and I can't find a way to read automatically the correct values. I read some articles and some other post with multi array but this is not multiarray it's just a number which need some calculations on it if I got it right? (find the "mantissa" and so on). Or I got it totally wrong ... any Ideas ? thank you p.s I 'm using a US5-B10-TR22
  7. Hi, I have exact the same problem but I'm using unistream US5-B10-TR22 and I really can find a solution. is there anyone to give a hand
  8. respect! analog is something new for me and I looked in the help before that but I didn't got it right. for example. how do I know my input resolution if it's 10, 12 or 14 bits? is that plc hardware or it has to do also with the sensors? thank you for your help!
  9. Hello, I got a V130 -33-TR6 to read some 4-20mA analog sensors. It looks that the input MI doesn't response on what I had in mind. The values for 0 (Zero) instead of 4mA is 206 in the selected MI and the linear conversion is hard because it looks out of range from the very first time. At the Current Transformer for instance there is no current flow and the result should be 0 Amps. the sensors are 2 wires. so the (-) is going to the input and the (+) is going to the 24V check out the sc shots. what do you think that I'm doing wrong?
  10. Hello Joe. thank you for your effort! it was really helpfull. actually it worked like before, no matter if the input was in the list it returns 0 at MI1302. if the msg was not recognised it returns like you said -1. however the scan like you said it's working but it was always stopping at first index where it was getting the received message to fill the variable in MI 1310 . That's why as far I undrstand it was returning always the 0. I change the protocol scan and I keep the row where transfer the received msg to variable MI1310 at the end. so the received msg pass from all the rows before go to that row. It works! now MI1302 get values like 0 for #0000* , 1 for #1234* and 2 for any other valid format msg thank you very much once again for the support.
  11. hi again, i didn't have any luck with the scan yet. any other idea? i thought that would be easier if there was a way to read the string and compare it with other but how can this be done? something like a manual scan subroutine
  12. it looks that no matter what you chose the MI 1302 stays on 0. that means that it doesn't scan at all. can I make a subroutine that will read the MI1310 - received string, and match it with string that will raise a mb?
  13. I made some modifications on the last version. I add auto reply the received message and i modify the protocol by adding some index. ( i used ..\Project examples\Strings\V280_Receive_number_and_string.vlp ) following that index i tried to raise a mb at line 4 , but did'n work. (more or less i had in mind the configuration of a SMS CONFIG but as far as I know there is no such function in that case) what do you think? RS232 COMMAND.vlp
  14. It works. Thank you both of you. It seams that I have a lot to learn
  15. here is the code. It works for receiving but it doesn't for sending to pc. also I use RsRec for testing. it works fine for many other applications. thank you vken RS232 communication.vlp RsRec.rar
  16. ok! what about wire connection. is it a full duplex wire connection? I use usb serial adapter and I connect MJ10-22-CS25 as an adapter to go with a 4 pin cable to port 1. i tried also a crossover wire in the middle bud doesn't work. I did that also with a gsm modem on port 2 with a cross over db9 modem cable and it work. so i thought that might be the correct setup but it's not
  17. examples are on my screen now.. It will take me sometime to understand and modify the logic at the way I want it to function but it's a lot of help! Thank you hotwire!
  18. hi there, thank you for you answer it's a v1040. I look for an example by I didn't find it. where is located?
  19. Hello, I want to establish a single serial connection with a computer serial port , sending and receiving numerical data. how can I do it? is it a Modbus connection? it sounds easy for many of you but this is something new for me... thank you.
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