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  1. Hi Joe , Thanks but it dosen't work... i have tried to read in the help . but it is not very clear. what i see that when i set reload enable bit to HIGH . the HSC go to 0 . no matter what the conter value is.. also the "reload event" dosen't change during reload. i think there is a "bug " here.
  2. I try to use 2 cases of reload value s but it only reload on positive (+1000) . the negetive reload is not working....why ??? ENC1.vlp
  3. Hi Joe , Do you have a ladder example how can i use the _interrupt HSC subroutine with 2 different reload value ? when the counter reach the reload values it sould go to zero. Thanks Meir
  4. Yes you right! I put MI in the reload value and call it from the ladder, each time with the value i need . Thanks!!!
  5. Thanks Joe. so as i understand it is not possible to define 2 reload values on the hardware configuration. i must write the second reload value (negetive) in software. if i understand that the positive- clockwise the accuracy wil be better because it hard coded. even if i use high-speed interrupt routine?
  6. I'm trying to calculate lenght of a bar on conveyor. i can do it with the ladder for the counterclockwise direction with interrupt but i wonder if to do it with the means of hardwre would be more accurate. ENC1.vlp
  7. I didnt write any code . i just configured the HSC. all is done by hardware
  8. Hi guys, i have increamental encoder that connected to Vision130 . i have configured the input to "high speed input(reload)" and set the reload value to 1000 . it is work fine clockwise. but i need to reload also when it get to -1000 (counterclockwise) how can i do it? Thanks for the help! Meir
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