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  1. I didn't lose hope by resources about UAC, the user do not have time for expire password, I would like that it would be possible to modify password in first login. I have tried to create one logic for user control, but without sucess. Another problem, is to show current user , after logoff. The information do not update, when there is no user in use.
  2. a long time has passed, several versions have been released and nothing on the subject. It is sad not to pay attention to a subject with such relevance.
  3. Very simple, but not within the manual.......... Thanks Saragani again. wealth is in the details.
  4. I try to limit the number of characters in numeric box with real tags, but I can only get int tags(format numeral) .... When will the development team add this feature to the software? and even if we reduce the size of the box, the app shows warnings.
  5. In this way we are contradicting what the marketing team says about the speed of app creation. We're just breeding, hahaha.
  6. Guys , thanks for trying to help, but the IP adress is dinamic, and change over time..... I showed it to support team in Brazil and not have answer for my question....
  7. I tried to find this way to declare connection address on smtp server. For example: I create an account on SMTP2GO. THEY RECOMMEND THIS STATEMENT mail.smtp2go.com, but not possible. I CAN PUT NUMBERS and not address of this type. I am crazy about this software ....
  8. I would like to periodically import the V430. usd files (trend files) to write to SQL table with UniStream terminal. I searched for example, but not anything.
  9. Brother, below is the answer: INSERT INTO `Alarm` \\ table adress (`DateTime`, `User`,`Event`,`Coment`) \\ column VALUES(STR_TO_DATE(@DateTime,'%d/%m/%Y %T'), @User, @Event, @Coment )
  10. Yes Saragani !!!! This way it is possible, for example, to create an indexed pop up element to control the various devices. I tried to illustrate this scenario to show you. This way, I hope it improves the development time of the applications. Other ideia is has inside the actions , write value in variables int and similars. thanks for reply.
  11. Yes , i have the configuration filCM44x_0201.edse for endress hausser indicator model CM444. I try import , but nothing.....kkkk
  12. How to works this tool UniEDSco, for importation files .EDS ethernet ip? I open this app, to point local this file and anything..... i don't understand nothing.
  13. It's ok. Please show me this function in actions within the program and not in the alarm widget. Your speed in reading the question did not help me or the group of forum. I hope that in the future new versions can help at this point. Regards.
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