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  1. Hi, sergio Both the "barcode1Length" and "barcode1Status" read value 0. When I plugged the USB bar-code scanner into one of the USB ports of my PC, it works well. From the Device Manager, I found out that it is detected as USB Input Device (under the category of Human Interface Devices). So, I guess this is why it is detected as keyboard. And, with the Panel USB Port configured as "Tx/Rx, 115200, 8, None, 1, 50", it certainly won't work with the Panel USB Port setting. kokhua
  2. Hi, I 'm trying to interface an USB bar-code scanner (HandHeld IT3800, model 3800LTP-12) with my UniStream (model: USP-104-B10). I configured the Panel USB Port as below: and created the following rung to capture the data read by the barcode scanner: However, when I plugged the bar-code scanner into USB Host Port 1 of the UniStream, the bar-code scanner was detected as keyboard instead. Nevertheless, I clicked "Reset Display" to continue, hoping that the bar-code scanner can still work, I then scanned a sample bar-code but nothing was captured. Any idea on how to get this to work? Thanks KokHua
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