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  1. So this morning we checked SB168, it was not turned on. The tech changed that in the program and as of now it has not hung up with the "Remote Connection". I am also passing the other info to him and we will take this 1 step at a time. Thanks again for the quick replies and suggestions Drew M
  2. Thank you for the quick reply, Ausman, we are checking into that right now and will advise on what we find.
  3. I am new to Unitronics and this forum, I am not a programmer, so I will try to explain my issue to the best of my abilities. I work in a woodworking facility and we have quite a few machines with many different brands of PLC's. Like I said I in no means do any programming but I have worked with them enough that I am comfortable with downloading the "program" to open up and look at and sometimes change some values within the program, only after it is deemed necessary and I have the green light from whoever did the programming. The issue I am having is pertaining to a PLC being used in an
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