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  1. MB 84 on picture. Its not really a problem since its working on multiple ships, but just out of curiosity I'd like to figure out why its not working when I speed it up.
  2. I tried running it faster but it didnt tranfer all of the data when I did, so had to slow it down. Not sure why. Here is some of the data that is being tranfered all the time. Yes its ethernet wired between the two PLCs aprox 50 meters in a really hot engine room, and before you ask Cat 6 shielded to ground in one end.
  3. Totally forgot about his thread. I solved it by setting up Master/Slave with their own IO in two locations over modbus. Having master PLC reading and writing raw values of IO every 0.5s. Then setting up password on both the display and locking the other so only one can be edited at any given time. This way both of the plc's can control the whole process with only 1s delay on each of them. WORKS GREAT! added a picture of it. Sorry for the Norwegian notes
  4. This is how it was originally, BUT the customer wanted something more fancy so ....... Im guessing making 100 pictures ranging for 0-100% isnt really ideal for the unistream 15.6 to handle when its multiple 3 way valves (its 4 of them)? Is there no good way of setting this up?
  5. Im looking for a way to show the physical location of the valve from a feedback signal. Is there an "easy" way to do this without making 100 pictures for scaling 0-100% ? This would be like the Circular Gauge just with the position of the valve instead. Is this something other people are interested in so it could be added in the unilogic software (if so it needs to be dynamic so you can enter the specs of the valve)?
  6. Im located in Norway. I was thinking an android touchscreen to mount in the front door, but im guessing its hard to find something that wont break under pressure. This will be mounted under deck of a ship so it needs to handle a bit of vibration. Its remote IO so need the CANbus drop. Hope the distance wont cause any trouble.
  7. Thanks alot for the response! Do you know of any industrial grade touchscreen solution that can be mounted in a door front of a fusebox that can run Remote Operator? Im tempted to recommend upgrading to unistream series just to use VNC server/client solution. To expand the IO to the new location I just need an endblock and IO expantation block I assume? Again thanks alot!
  8. So i have a customer that want to expand some of their existing sites with more IO and the posibility to operate everything from two locations. There is already a vision 1210 on site. Is there an easy way to add a mirrored plc (as screen only) on the new location and expand with more IO ? (need to be able to operate everything from either of the locations. they are 100m apart)
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