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  1. Yes, I've tested with 0, I think that there is a bug when searching for empty strings... Cheers, and have a Happy new year also !
  2. I do not mean the numeric type or with strings, I mean the look and feel... the second keyboard has a different look & feel.
  3. Thank you all for yor replies ! I will use find string function to remove spaces at the begining and at the end. Only one more question, is there any SB that goes to ON when the user has finished of input a variable in a control? or is better to detect that the user has touched the ENTER key (SB 53) ?
  4. I have a Samba sm43-j-r22. The keyboard which is shown when I touch a numeric/ascii control is like the attached "picture_1.jpg", but I have seen that in the "Boot Mode" of device the display shown is like the attached "picture_2.jpg". Is possible to change the keyboard type to use the same as "picture_2.jpg".
  5. I have a Samba sm43-j-r22. I have two questions: 1. Is posible to forbide to the user to insert a string, that contains only spaces chars, in an ASCII String Control? 2. Is there a function to remove spaces of string at the beginning or at the end?
  6. I have a Samba sm43-j-r22. I need to search in Data Table a row that has a column (of type string) with an empty value. I have tried using the function "Data Tables Find Row" with the "Start address of value to find" with an MI operand with value equals to 0, because I think that an empty string has it first byte equals to null. But It wasn't succesful. How can I acomplish this?
  7. I'm developing a recipes application in a sm43-j-r22. I want to disable or turn off the display if no control is touched in 5 five minutes in order to improve de durability of te device. Thescreen must be turn on if the user touch the screen again. Is this possible?
  8. Sorry for my English My device is a SAMBA SM43-J-RA22. I'm making a recipe application. In this application the user can enter the weight for an ingredient in a Numerical Control. I want the user to be able to enter a limited number of digits in the decimal part of the Numerical Control. This limitation of the number of digits will be configured in another part of the application. For example: 12 <- numerical control set without decimals 12.2 <- numerical control set with 1 decimal 12.15 <- numerical control set with 2 decimals How I can ac
  9. Hi. I have a doubt about the number of decimals with Numeric Controls. I need to be able to change the number of decimals in this controls, because sometimes a control must allow only one decimal, two decimals or no decimal in the same control, is this possible? how can I achieve this behaviour?
  10. I have a problem like this. I have a binary image that is over a part of other images, but when I hide de binary control using its "Hide property", the behind images are not showed completely, because de binary image os replaced by a rectangle of its size having backgroud color, how can solve this problem?
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