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  1. We have also confirm this issue on one of the newly purchased HMI/PLCs system using the Unilogic firmware 1.28.34 . We'll use the append option "1" (all files formats ) with the "Store DTI to..." as a work-around until new update is fixed. Thank you for posting.
  2. I have two 24V power supply's both with connected to the same 0V common (and system ground) in addition both supply's are connected to two-stage AC line filter. The analog sensors and analog inputs modules have one of the two 24V power supply and other powers the Unistream HMI and discrete IO. I checked the power supply's and are with in a (+) 0.4Vdc of the 24Vdc.
  3. During calibration of a pressure sensor (4-20ma) I was unable to achieve an precise calibration 0 to 30.00 PSIA within 0.7 PSIA at the lower or upper range when using the scaling functions. The sensor was calibrated from the manufacture within 0.1% accuracy. I decided to check the Analog Input with a calibrated Fluke Processmeter from: 4.000 ma to 20.000ma. The Hardware was configured for 4-20ma input and default scaling 0 to 8191 inputs with strong filtering enabled. Unilogic version 1.22.13 Here are the results: Fluke(ma) Actual Count Expe
  4. We used a MODBUS (SLAVE) Client to Profibus Server(Master) Gateway successfully using Unistream/Unilogic. ANYBUS "AB7808" for MODBUS RTU Slave to PROFIBUS MASTER gateway
  5. I would like to suggest the option of an "OFF/ON/CANCEL" in the Message Box button options in UniLogic. I use the message box to turn OFF and ON; valves, motors and other devices in the binary image properties. Thanks for listening.
  6. During a recent Unilogics software upgrade my PNG files that I had created were deleted from the Windows 7 Unilogics folders. I had created a folder... \ProgramData\Unitronics\Data\UniPics\MyPics Lesson learned - store your PNG images that you create outside of the \Unitronics\... folders.
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