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  1. It sounds like it will be best to carry multiple ones in my backpack. Thanks for your help!
  2. Thanks. I appreciate your responses. But apparently the FTDIs don't work at all.
  3. I guess my biggest question is whether or not it needs to be a PL2302 or if the FTDI should be working and i have some issue outside of the usb to serial converter.
  4. Reading that prolific website down farther, it says that the PL2303HXA is not supported by Win10. That may be my issue. Since I am on Windows 10 and the device manager says these converters are PL2303HXA.
  5. I have tried to update the driver with that link but it acts the same way. Is the PL2302 the one that works best with Unitronics? Does it make sense that it won't communicate across the FTDI? see attached image of my device manager
  6. Hello, Just checking in what USB to serial converters you would recommend for connecting to Jazz. I have 2 Jazz processors here and I am unable to communicate with either of them. They are older models and only support serial via MJ20-PRG. I am using Unitronics serial cable p/n: MJ10-22-CS25. I get no errors in Device Manager when I plug in the USB-to-serial converter. It grabs Port 3. But if I set U90 ladder to Port 3, the communication still times out. I have several USB-to-Serial adapters that I have tried........I have several that are PL2303, but they all show up as "PHASED
  7. it doesnt seem there is any information in the help menu on what could be causing these issues
  8. I have been editing and adding to a Visilogic program written in the last version of Visilogic. (BTW. I finally did get Visilogic to install correctly) While working on the graphics, arranging the screens, I suddenly got an error. And it immediately crashed Visilogic. Now every time I open it, I get an error ( see attached) . I can get passed it, but I basically doesn't let me do anything on that hmi panel. It just crashes the software any time I try to do something. Pretty frustrating...............Any help? And I even am running as administrator! This software seems to have a lo
  9. i am running on Windows 10. I download straight from the website and running as administrator makes no difference. I get the same error trying to install the older version.
  10. FYI it does not work to enter the same value. Unitronics ought a have a way to use the Equal function with SI31, yet display the user-changeable data as a Time on the HMI. It surely seems there oughta be a way to do.
  11. Having a lot of trouble with visilogic :( Updating to a new laptop and trying to get Visilogic installed on it. I go on Unitronics website to get the latest version. After it downloads, when I try to install I get this error. I tried downloading the previous version like my o ld laptop had on, and that one acts the same way. It acts like the file got corrupted, but I boot it right from my downloads. Please advise asap
  12. Can any one tell me if the RTC on a Samba SM70-J-R20 updates automatically when daylight savings time rolls around?
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