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  1. I really love the unitronics plc. My only issue is that I am unable to use it for many applications as there is no facility to do an online edit. An example is a project I did a while back where I did conveyor line control for a bottling company. A lot of the changes were done live as it just isn’t practical to stop a 20000 bottle an hour filler/blower to make a small update on a conveyor. This may be off subject but a good time to put it out there.
  2. Hi Noam, Just so that I understand correctly. When the above instruction writes to a file it will put a comma between the data in a row and whatever we put into G between different rows. So if I was to put "\n" in G I would get a new line in my file for each row in the data table. Cheers, Shaun
  3. Hi All, I'm storing data in a Data Table. Once a day I write the data to a file using the "Store DTI to File" instruction. It all works well and a file is created. I'm then using Excel VBA to read the data in one line at a time. The issue I am having is that the CSV file has comma "," separating the lines. How do I get the Unitronics software to install a line break after each row from the data table?
  4. I have used the UniStream in 2 applications and I am a fan. I would like to know if you can edit your ladder and do a download while the PLC is still running.
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