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  1. More updates . Not sure if the DNS is correct but now I know what error I'm getting :)

                  "2003 can't connect to MySQL server on ip address  (101)"

    Nevertheless, I can't manage to make it working. I also installed MySQL server locally and didn't work either. It must be something on PLC communications settings or it doesn't like MySQL. 
    Does anyone has a project with a basic query for MySQL that works so i will modify only the communications and database server?


  2. Hi everybody,
    I'm struggling to make a controller to submit data from a controller USP-070-B10/B08 to a MySql Database that stays on Amanzon cloud.

    I made a project using Unilogic v 1.19.83 same as the one in the controller. Did the connections and queries I wanted but nothing happens. it looks like it's not communicating at all with the database. I'm not even seeing a connection in my server manager. 

    There is any tutorial, hints or something somewhere to guide me (I attached some screens as well)? 




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