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  1. I have a web server project, with start.htm, entrance.htm and badpass.htm , If I have a link to download a file in start.htm but the server ask me for a password again , I put the password and user and then sendme to start.htm page other time, what is the right way to put the link . My link is : <a target="_blank" href="\TRENDS\ESTADO.utr"> without password i can download my file rightly. Thanks.
  2. There is another brands of controllers, that has this option to do this report, some people want this kind of report like me. If i can't do this with meter, the software visilogic must insert an option to implement report, no only this one, any others reports too.
  3. The only way is multiplexing the slaves because there is one socket for modbus tcp/ip protocol.
  4. I tried to do it, my best result was to use a meter, in the configuration there is a tab RANGES, if it had a dynamic value like MI or ML, we have a great posibility to make this report. I hope the programmers could insert this, in the next version of visilogic
  5. Hi everybody, it's posible to do a real time report, similar to the picture inside the V1040 PLC. Thanks in advance.
  6. Please. I have the same problem. I can't conect with multiples slaves. Here is my code. It's v1040 with logos. PRUEBA COMUNICACIÓN.vlp
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