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  1. Hello, I found my fault. I had to change the Ethernet settings of the PLC. It was by dafault, but my Router has the same IP adress. Now everythin is fine. Thanks!
  2. Hey Joe, it was a good idea, but it works only a little bit better.
  3. Dear colleagues, i need some support concerning the remote control with an iPhone. My connection is not really stable. I connect the iPhone and after 10-60 seconds the connection fail and I cannot connect to the PLC anymore. So I have to disconnect to the WLAN connection and connect ones more and then it goes, but again only 10-60 seconds. So the question is whether it is an iPhone problem or a general problem with the connection. Or do i have to change the router adjustments? Another oddness is that it is only possible to connect if the IP adress is and this is the same as t
  4. Now I wrote the entire program in a new file and no error occurs. thank you!
  5. Thanks for the fast response. If I use the Demo-program everything is fine, but the problem still exists if I re-downloaded by own program. How can I find out the framework of the PLC?
  6. Hello everyone, I am very new in programming with Visilogic. Everything is fine despite the fact that the coulor of the pixels change if I touch the display. These marks will be deleted if i switch between the screens. I dont know why this happens because it is really annoying but i couldn't found anything on the internet to stop this. I hope someone can help me! Best regards Fabian
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